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Reviewing Thai Snacks with US | Shwe & Isaiah

So today, we are doing the Thai Snack Online box, Aroi-Max box. This is a monthly subscription box. There are different sort of snacks this time including rice cracker with shrimp floss, whole wheat blueberry yogurt sticks, paprika flavored crackers, crispy banana with tamarind jam inside like a little sandwiches (quite interesting!), cuttlefish shaped crackers with grilled squid flavor, cappuccino candies, suki seafood noodle cup, a bunch of squid snacks, CRAB FRIED RICE Lay's chips and also salted egg chips. Check them all out now in our store with all snack boxes delivering directly from Thailand to your doorstep with free worldwide shipping and guaranteed success delivery. Hassle free!

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Okay, which one you'd like to try first?

  • Pocky blueberry yogurt [coming soon]: The smell is so good like a real blueberry yogurt. You can see the blueberries on the stick like it was literally dipped in. You can get the sweet and sour like the real yogurt taste. It tastes like blueberry though unfortunately it can't be found in many countries.

  • Lay's crab fried rice [coming soon]: The taste of chips is actually like crab fried rice with a little glimpse of egg inside too. It is so good. Definitely 10 out of 10.

  • Crispy banana with tamarind jam [order now]: They are little banana chips with tamarind squeezing inside like a sandwich. Crispy not crunchy but it's really good. Not too much tamarind and not too much banana. Just like a good one if you have a road trip. Kind like a classic of sweet and sour flavor. Feels like you get crunchy too when you chew something soft inside. Another 10 out of 10.

  • Rice cracker with shrimp floss [order now]: There is a sesame seeds on the rice crackers too. It's really crunchy and you can taste the shrimp but not too much shrimp. There's also a little bit of sweetness. I cannot always get enough with the snacks from Thailand :)

  • Bento squid snacks [order now]: The texture is quite sticky with a ruler shape. They are like crispy but also sticky. It's definitely spicy and you may feel like hot and burning inside. It's sweet and spicy and HOT! It's so spicy that you cannot talk and probably make you cry. But they're definitely so good even with all this spicy but we still want more :P

  • Salted egg chips [order now]: Taste good like an actual salted egg. One of the amazing snacks.

  • Paprika crackers [order now]: This one also has tomato flavor which is slightly better but this paprika is also good too.

  • Cuttlefish crackers [order now]: Here is the little cuttlefish shape. It's not spicy though but kind like sweet. It's really crunchy and airy.

  • Kopiko cappuccino candy [order now]: It's a hard candy with half black and half brown color (guess it's a creamy part). THe creamy taste and a little bit of flavor is exactly like a cappuccino. That's so cool. You can flip the side and taste in your mouth.

  • Suki seafood cup noodle [order now]: Looks like an orange soup with shrimp balls, corns, carrot and green onion together. All the ingredients were already mixed in a cup so you can just pour the hot water in. The soup tastes sour like a Tom Yum. This is really good.

  • Yentafo flat noodle [order now]: Looks like a pink soup with green onion and noodles. Taste like a pork burger with a little spicy and sweet because it has another chilli powder and a little garlic oil in a small ingredient packs to add in. The noodle texture is good and the soup is actually delicious like a pork broth.

Quote of the day "I cannot believe they have that kind of snacks, it's very creative." said Shwe


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