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Our Vision

We deliver every Taste of Thailand with smile and friendship :)


About Us

We simply deliver the warmth smile of Thailand through the spice of Thai snacks

Hanjii & Tenten

Win &


Back in the day of travelling to explore new culture and experiencing the world, it was a very big while away from Thailand sitting in that corner to work in a foreign land. Day by day, month by month, where we stuck with the same old food from that restaurant around the corner next to the hotel. Deeply missing the taste of pad thai rice noodle with fresh bean sprouts on top .. and yes .. that mouthwatering lime aroma of tom yum soup .. ah .. the hot bird's eye chilli in papaya spicy salad .. oh .. that mild coconut milk with spicy and sour bit in tom kha kai .. also .. that stir-fried sweet basil we usually eat for lunch. Unfortunately, there was no place around where we can get a glimpse of Thai food again, not for once.

And that was when we decided to start a business which enables "the Taste of Thailand anywhere anytime" the first thing we stepped back home. Over the past 5 years, has delivered signature snack boxes directly from Thailand to every doorstep for more than 64 countries around the world. Most of our snacks cannot be purchased in US, Europe or elsewhere in Asia but only in Thailand.

Thank you for being part of our tastiest journey. We promise to find the oriental snacks from your last trip and bring that warmest feeling back to you once again with our smile and true friendship :)

Tastily yours,

Hanjii & Win -

Our Value


Hello .. My name is "Win"

I've been working as supply chain planner in leading consumer corporations for more than 10 years and a snack lover for my whole life. I will optimize the supply chain and ensure the best value snacks can be delivered to you whether you are snack taster, retailer or wholesaler.

Hi! My name is "Hanjii"

I used to work as customer service agent in leading airline corporations for more than 5 years and a snack lover for my whole life. I'm currently working as full-time snacker at and will accommodate you for any query, delivery and tracking all orders to ensure the best service has been delivered whether you are snack taster, retailer or wholesaler.

Sawasdee ka .. We are "Tenten & Winnie"


We're the youngest members of Thai Snack Online and we will test new products for you to ensure that all snacks are suitable for all ages whether you are snack taster, retailer or wholesaler.

                                             ............ ........... ...........................   ................   .... ......          so yummy!

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