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Valentine's special box (so good 😊👍🏻) | Shwe & Isaiah

In this video, we're diving into Valentine's day special box, specifically from the month of February. You know, all things romantic and pink. The theme revolves around Valentine's Day, and we've got this box that seems to capture the essence of the month. The label reads "Happy Valentines," so let's have a peek on what's inside.

Oh, look at this adorable item! It appears to be a boba gummy in the flavor of Milky Cream. The anticipation for this one is real. Next up, we've got something intriguing – a bag of Lay's chips in Boat Noodle flavor. Not quite sure what that is, but let's explore further. Now, let's move on to these Korean Fried Chicken Cheese snacks. These are unique because they feature both the Korean fried chicken and cheese flavors. Apparently, they're exclusive to 7-Eleven.

And then, we've got Black Pink Oreos – a cookie with a pink hue and black cream. I even noticed Roselle's signature on the Oreo pack. Seems like there's a campaign to share your Oreo moments with Black Pink. Ah, this one's a bit puzzling. It looks like a seafood-flavored instant rice noodle cup. We'll have to try it to find out more. And here's something interesting – Thai crispy coconut roll with strawberry flavor. We've tried a similar product with a banana flavor before. Looking forward to the strawberry twist.

Moving on to Waiwai rice noodles. These are the glass noodles, and it seems like there are two flavors to explore. Now, let's talk about pandan. It's a delightful aroma, especially in desserts. This is a larger bag of something, but the details are still a bit unclear. And then we've got a crispy snack with a tomato flavor. It looks like some sort of onion ring, but I can't quite place it. Oh, look at these cheese-coated fish sticks from Taro brand. They're the original butter cheese flavor, and they definitely look appetizing. So, there you have it – a diverse range of treats From Thai Snack Online to explore. Stay tuned for more details!

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Ah, there's a little surprise tucked in here. It's a cute elephant keychain! Initially, I mistook it for a camera, but it's definitely an elephant. Quite adorable, I must say. So you say you want to try this first? Let's try this first then, yeah okay!

  • Taro cheese-coated fish sticks: Check this out – you can clearly spot a yellow section filled inside, indicating a delightful cheese flavor. This particular snack is truly exceptional, making it a perfect choice. I would confidently rate it a solid 10 out of 10 for its deliciousness.

  • Tomato ring chips: I'm actually quite fond of it. Take a look here. It gives off a ketchup-like aroma. The appearance is like shiny rings, don't you think? And once you open it up, you notice how the interior maintains that appealing shine, similar to how certain donuts can look small yet glossy. The texture is pleasantly fluffy, and the flavor is truly remarkable – I mean, really, really delightful. It's a snack that's both amazing and incredibly crunchy, yet surprisingly light. The flavor, which resembles ketchup but with an improved twist, just makes sense. Personally, I have a strong affinity for this particular snack. It manages to deliver a burst of flavor without being overly messy, unlike some chips that tend to leave traces everywhere. There's a balance of incredible flavor without the messiness. I'd go so far as to rate it a 20 out of 10, if that were even possible. This snack is seriously impressive, and considering the generous portion in this big bag, it's perfect for sharing during a movie or any casual hangout for two people.

  • Carada korean fried chicken cheese ball: So, there are two chips available inside, the yellow one is cheese-flavored, and the darker brown one is chicken-flavored. Additionally, there's also a brownie-flavored variant. I took a bite, and it's quite reminiscent of cake, especially the chicken one. The chicken-flavored one is quite enjoyable – you can distinctly savor the taste of grilled chicken. It's akin to fried chicken, and the seasoning is quite noticeable. There's a subtle sweetness as well. It also carries a touch of sweetness. The intriguing part is combining the chicken-flavored one with the cheese-flavored puff. The result is delicious – it's as if you're dipping fried chicken into cheese. And remember, these are similar to cheese puffs. Speaking of the Korean chicken flavor, it's akin to a sauce you might find at a chicken joint. It's sweet with that distinct chicken essence. Interestingly, the texture of the chicken bites somewhat reminds me of caramel popcorn. The crunchiness is there, yet it maintains a pleasant softness when you bite into it. The cheese-flavored one also has an enticing aroma, and its texture is a bit different from the standard cheese puffs you might be familiar with, like Cheetos.

  • Oreo blackpink edition: So, this is the limited edition Black Pink Oreo. Wow, they look absolutely appetizing. Strangely enough, it gives off a vibe that's almost reminiscent of vanilla Oreo. On the palate, I can sense a sweet note, yet it doesn't overwhelm with excessive sweetness. Funny enough, I initially thought it might be chocolate-flavored. The inside cream is definitely chocolate-flavored, while the exterior seems to carry a hint of vanilla. Right here, we have the Black Pink Oreo – a pink-coated sandwich cookie with a cream filling of dark chocolate flavor. It's the dark chocolate that's imparting that intense chocolaty taste. I must say, it's quite delightful. Although, with the dark chocolate Oreo, there's a subtle undertone of bitterness that's characteristic of dark chocolate – you know, that bittersweet quality. Just to clarify, the regular Oreo doesn't quite deliver the same flavor as this one.

  • Pandan milk candy: Let's give this milk candy a try. It somewhat reminds me of those chewy Starburst candies. Interestingly, it's quite good. It doesn't hit you as overly sugary; instead, it strikes a nice balance. The flavor is spot-on, not too strong nor too faint – just the right intensity. You can distinctly sense the milky essence, which is quite pleasing. This is the kind of snack that's perfect for a road trip, offering a satisfying crunch. Well, I'd rate it quite high, actually. I'd say a solid 9 out of 10. To keep it succinct, it's truly enjoyable.

  • Crispy coconut roll with strawberry flavor: The aroma is really enticing. Initially, it seems like the strawberry flavor might not come through strongly. Instead, the coconut flavor takes the lead. However, there's a hint of strawberry essence present – it's not entirely absent. You might want to give it a good mix to thoroughly blend the flavors. Interestingly, if you consume a substantial amount – let's say the whole bag – then the strawberry taste becomes more pronounced. On the other hand, if you just have a single piece, you might not catch that aspect. The strawberry seems to emerge more distinctly after a few pieces. However, the treat is quite enjoyable overall. Its sweetness primarily comes from the coconut flavor, and I believe this particular brand has a track record of delivering delightful products. This isn't our first encounter with it – we've tried something else from them before. And I must say, it has consistently been good.

  • Boba candies: Alright, now it's time to dive into the boba candies. They're individually wrapped. How many do we have in the pack? Oh, quite a lot. A substantial amount, in fact – a total of 11. When I taste it, the milk flavor is quite prominent. This particular variant is labeled as "Melting Flavor Cream with Brown Sugar," designed to emulate the essence of boba. However, it's important to note that this candy version doesn't exactly replicate the sensation of chewing on actual boba pearls. As for our rating, we'd likely give it a seven. It's sweet and possesses a good taste, but it's important to manage expectations if you're anticipating the chewiness of traditional boba. Now, in terms of its candy and gummy qualities, I'd say it scores around a nine. But if your main expectation is the genuine boba experience, then the rating might lean more towards a seven.

  • Lay's boat noodle chips: We've got these boat noodle-flavored snacks. Yes, it might sound unfamiliar – at least to me. But, based on my understanding, boat noodles are quite popular in Thai cuisine, typically served with pork or chicken and often featuring a rich and flavorful broth. Speaking of which, these snacks manage to capture that essence remarkably well. I recall having something similar at a Thai Festival in the past. It's fascinating how the taste brings back those memories, even though I can't quite pinpoint where I've encountered this flavor before. It's really quite good – that's for sure. The flavor resonates with what I remember from the Thai Festival. It seems like a fresh addition, one I haven't come across previously. That's saying something, considering I've been to Thailand numerous times and encountered quite a diverse array of snacks there, distinct from what's commonly available in USA.

So that wraps up everything for today's video. We truly hope you've enjoyed watching. If you're intrigued, we encourage you to explore some of these snacks at The range of offer is quite diverse, extending beyond just snacks to encompass instant noodles, ready-to-eat meals, canned foods, candies, crackers, and an assortment of beverages – including instant drink options like tea and coffee mixes, as well as iced tea blends. There's truly a wealth of choices available. This store has definitely earned its place among our favorites, especially considering how eagerly we await each month's delivery. The excitement never fades, and it's a real treat to document the unboxing process. The surprises are consistently delightful, exceeding our expectations. It's rare that we come across repeated items, which only adds to the appeal of this experience.

Quote of the day "It's fascinating how the taste brings back those memories." said Shwe


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