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Exploring Thai Snacks in a Taste Test adventure | Dan & Dave

In a recent video adventure, the dynamic duo, Dan and Dave, took on the challenge of trying Thai snacks for the first time, and the results were nothing short of entertaining. From accidental spills to decoding mysterious packaging, their journey through the diverse world of Thai snacks is a must-watch for any snack enthusiast.

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  • Pu Thai - Crispy Snacks [shop now] - Pronouncing the unfamiliar Thai brand, PH-foods wheat and tapioca, Dan and Dave ventured into the realm of crispy squid-flavored snacks. The unique packaging and adorable crab-like shapes left an impression, and the verdict? Surprisingly not bad at all!

  • Atori - Biscuit Sticks - The crispy seasoned stick biscuit snacks from Atori turned out to be sweeter than expected, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

  • Paprika Snacks [shop now] - Branded as "useful food," these paprika potato snacks were put to the test. Despite a subtle hint of paprika, the overall flavor left them underwhelmed.

  • Jolly Bears [shop now] - Next up, a delightful encounter with flavored gelatin jelly desserts resembling gummy bears. The chewy texture and standard flavors – orange, green apple, strawberry, and pineapple – made for an enjoyable snack.

  • TaoKaeNoi Double Chilli Seaweed - Despite the double chili flavor claim, this nori seaweed snack offered more seaweed than spice, adding an unexpected twist to the tasting experience.

  • Moodee - Pork Floss [shop now] - With entirely Thai packaging, the duo explored the world of pork floss, a candy floss twist with a surprising sweetness. The unique experience earned it a solid three and a half rating.

  • Pretz -Larb flavor [shop now] - Resembling Pocky sticks, these larb-flavored pretzels brought a pleasant spicy kick without overwhelming the taste buds.

  • Party - Sweet Potato Chips [shop now] - Looking like regular crisps, these sweet potato chips coated with butter caramel provided a sweet and crispy experience, reminiscent of chocolate-covered crisps.

  • Bento Extreme Spicy Squid Snack - The adventure concluded with a dried squid and fish snack boasting extreme spiciness. However, the manageable level of heat and homogenous, chewy texture made it a satisfactory experience.

  • Koala Cereal [shop now] - Acting as a palate cleanser, the Koala-shaped biscuits with chocolate filling brought a unique and adorable treat, unlike anything available in the UK

Special thanks to Dan and Dave for sharing their delightful journey through Thai snacks. For the full video experience, check out their YouTube channel. If you're eager to explore the world of Thai snacks yourself, head over to, your go-to source for authentic Thai snacks.


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