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I Ate Everything THAILAND Snacks | Guava Juice

It's Roy Favito greeting you! We find ourselves at Silom Market, a bustling marketplace in Thailand. Our mission today is to explore every snack available and rank them from the best to not-so-good. Here in the snack aisle, the options are plentiful. I've got my eyes on some garlic bread, Carada nugget butter bread, and a variety of other tempting treats. Let's assemble a collection, including potato snacks, crispy coconut rolls (with a durian twist), paprika chips, and more. From dried squid to fish lollipops and squid-flavored wafers, my basket is getting quite full. But the adventure doesn't end here. Off to another Thai market to discover more culinary delights!

We've reached Ban Kanom Thai, renowned for its Thai desserts and snacks. Let's grab a few goodies, including cupcakes, guamas, and crispy crepes. The variety of bakeries and pastries here is truly impressive. Our snack journey continues with a new set of delightful options. And there you have it — our Thai Snack Online haul from Silom Market to Ban Khan on Thai. Now, let's savor these treats and enjoy the diverse flavors of Thailand!

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Welcome to the enchanting kitchen, and here's where our culinary journey begins.

  • Squid Shreds: Right away, you'll notice a hint of the ocean — it's not as dry as you might expect; in fact, it has a bit of moisture. This delicacy is also widely enjoyed in Thailand. Hmm, it's good. Personally, I would prefer it to be a bit more on the crispy side.

  • Hanami Prawn Crackers: Now we've got these shrimp prawn crackers. We've tasted the ones from the Philippines, and they were pretty good. Oh, and let's not forget the ones from Korea. Now, the question is, are the Thailand shrimp chip crackers, or prawn crackers, actually good? Yeah, for me, Oishi is still like top-tier. Oishi shrimp crackers are here for the prawn lovers.

  • Fresh Guava with Salted Dip: Here's the guava I grabbed from the Ban Kanum Thai market, and they've paired it with a special salt. I'm not exactly sure what's in it, but it's a unique blend with a hint of pink salt. Now, this pink salt has an interesting flavor profile—it's a mix of shrimp, sugar, and salt. It's not the absolute best, but it's not the worst either; I'd rate it around an eight. By the way, after some research, we found out this particular salt is called a "prick klua."

  • Lay's Sweet Basil Chips: Presenting the Lab Chips featuring Sweet Basil, a distinctive flavor in Thailand. Take a look at how the basil is casually hanging. Oh, and my apologies if you catch a whiff of that aroma. Ever wondered why these Lay's chips resemble Ruffles? Well, taste-wise, it's like savoring a leaf from a tree, but with a savory twist. It's almost as if you dipped that leaf in some barbecue sauce—simple yet effective.

  • Potae Potato Chips: Here we have a potato snack, and just take a look at it—it resembles a corkscrew. It's got a delightful cheesy flavor, and the crunch is excellent. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to be this crunchy; I thought it might be more on the soft side, like Cheetos Puffs. However, it strikes the perfect balance. The cheesy goodness is just right. I'd place it in the A-tier—this is definitely good!

  • Carada Seaweed Rice Balls: Presenting the Sesame Seaweed Chips! These are no ordinary chips; they come with a special touch. Now, as for the taste, they have a delightful hint of sweetness—perhaps a bit sweeter than I anticipated. It adds an interesting twist to the overall flavor. Let's give these Sesame Seaweed Chips a special spot in the spotlight.

  • Tenjung Fish Sticks: I had higher expectations for you, fish stick lollipops. These are essentially fish skewer lollipops, and I must say, this is hands down one of the most creative things. Just take a look at this spicy delight! It's like a Giant Seaweed Roll, but imagine thinly sliced fish jerky on a stick. Now, if it wasn't for the spicy kick, my ranking might have been lower. As it stands, it's landing in the B-tier—a big roll of flavors!

  • Big Sheet Crispy Seaweed Roll: Presenting the colossal seaweed roll—let's give it a try. At first glance, it looks like your typical seaweed, but there's an extra flair to it. This seaweed comes with a Tom Yum infusion, delivering a taste reminiscent of Tom Yum soup. It caught me by surprise; I was anticipating the flavor of regular seaweed, but this turned out to be a big roll of seaweed with a delightful twist.

  • Koh Kae Coffee Coated Peanuts: Here we have coffee peanuts—yes, peanuts infused with coffee. It's a bit strange, almost like munching on a coffee bean, but this time it's edible, and you can actually swallow it quite easily. Surprisingly, I find myself enjoying it, so it's earning a spot in the eights category.

  • Paprika Potato Chips: These paprika chips, with their distinctive pasta-like appearance, piqued my curiosity. Surprisingly, it just tastes like potato—no hint of paprika in there. It turns out, despite the brand name being paprika, it's simply a potato snack. I found myself searching for the paprika flavor, but alas, it's just a straightforward potato delight.

  • Little Farm Crispy Bread: Behold, the Butter Crispy Bread from Little Farms. Initially, I thought it might be a bread chip, but no, it's an actual miniature bread. Picture this—tiny slices of bread toasted to perfection and generously adorned with butter. Moving on to the Garlic Crispy Bread—oh, the aroma! It's like indulging in garlic bread, and dipping it in spaghetti sauce or tomato sausage takes it to another level. I must say, this one is a winner. You're definitely staying in the top tier, my friend. And now, the Crispy Garlic Bread. Ah, there's tomato sauce in the fridge, and I've been informed that crispy garlic bread with tomato sauce is the way to go. So, let's pair them up and indulge—this combo is meant to be enjoyed exclusively with tomato sauce. Cheers to the perfect match!

  • Coconut Crispy Roll: Unlike those snacks with chocolate all around, leaving you with a sense of emptiness, this one is different. They've made it a bit thicker, so when you devour the entire roll, it provides just the right amount of flavor and texture. It's a perfect blend, filling that void splendidly. When it comes to crafting delicious snacks, Thailand truly knows how to deliver. This one's a solid eight, my friend.

  • Red Bull Energy Drinks: Let's explore the Thai Red Bull. Initially, I expected it to taste like the regular American Red Bull, but no, it's different. Notice how it appears a bit more yellow than the American version—perhaps they've added a touch more food coloring. Upon sipping, you might detect subtle hints of perfume-like tones. It's not as robust and powerful as the American one; the flavors are more nuanced and less dense. Thailand has indeed put its unique twist on the Red Bull experience.

  • Jackfruit Chips: Behold, the Jackfruit! Once a fruit, it's now transformed into a chip. Quite a journey, right? Listen to that sound—it's almost like glass, quite surprising. Now, when you sink your teeth into it, it's not as challenging to chew as you might expect. This Jackfruit chip earns itself a spot in the good seat here—definitely a satisfying snack!

  • Fried Bananas: You might be wondering, "Roy Allen, what's with the grease?" Well, it's a fried banana, and that explains the delightful greasiness. This particular treat hails from the Ban Khanum Thai place, and it's deeply fried in a flavorful batter. Now, considering its unique nature, I'm hesitant to lump it in with the standard packaged snacks. Let's give it its own category—this one's an S-tier delight. However, do note that it won't be ranked alongside the other snacks since these are more like individually packaged delights.

  • Crispy Crepe with Coconut Delights: Behold, the Crispy Crepe—imagine a delightful combination of flour, sugar, and coconut all wrapped up in a crunchy, flaky creation. And the revelation within is shrimp! Unfairly good, I must say. This is hands down the best thing I've had all day. Now, let's delve into another flavor. We've got the holy trinity of holy and egg Mateo. If you ever find yourself in Thailand or a Thai market, make it a point to ask for these heavenly Crispy Crepes.

  • Crispy Durian Rolls: Alright, let's talk about the durian. This is known as the stinkiest fruit in the world. Durian tends to be a hit or miss, depending on your taste preferences. For those who appreciate the distinctive flavor, consider it in the S-tier—there's a good seat here, folks!

  • Party Butter Caramel Crisps: In this adorable little bag, we have these cute chips that are just delightful. They are sweet potato chips coated with butter caramel—essentially a blend of sugar, butter, and potatoes. These earn a spot in the good beach here category, for sure!

  • Crispy Fish Skin: Behold the crispy fish skin! Look at that, the essence of fish skin. I have a feeling this would pair well with something sweet. Let me just dip it in... Alright, now it tastes more like chicken. It's like fishy chips on a whole new level. I like it, it's good. This one lands in the "here" category.

  • Cornae Corn Chips: We've got "Corny"—essentially, these are like the little bugles. If you're familiar with bugles in America, these are the same concept, but the holes are tiny. I usually just stick my fingers in there and channel my inner werewolf. Now, onto the corn chips. The taste is good initially, but there's an aftertaste that I'm not a fan of. Unfortunately, this one goes into our first F-tier.

  • Rice Crackers with Pork Floss: Moving on, we've got the Rice Cracker with pork floss. Oh, this is more than just a snack—it's an experience. It's one of those moments where you're like, "What am I eating?" I find myself at a loss for words to explain this unique flavor combination. This marks the first time I'm encountering a food that defies easy description. I'm inclined to place this in the "seats" category—an intriguing and enigmatic culinary adventure.

  • Mung Bean with Salt: Presenting mung bean with salt. In Filipino culture, we often use mung beans for various purposes. Take a look at these—it resembles little Rice Crispy flakes. However, upon tasting, it doesn't bring anything particularly special to the table. In fact, I find myself not enjoying it.

  • Sanghai Chocolate Wafers: Initially, the presentation is quite appealing—look at how neatly layered these chocolate wafers are. However, upon tasting, my verdict is not favorable. It does have a chocolate flavor, but it's only about 60% there.

  • Puthai Crispy Squid Chips: Enter the Fried Crab Chips, featuring squid flavor. They come in this cute, crab-like form. Upon tasting, the flavor is distinctly squid, resembling the taste of shrimp but with a very subtle seasoning.

  • Babin: This coconut cassava dessert resembles the classic cassava cake found in the Philippines. It's not just good; in fact, it's more than just good—it doesn't resemble anything; instead, it looks quite impressive and pretty delicious.

In conclusion, for those eager to embark on a delightful journey into the world of Thai snacks, explore the vast and diverse offerings at With free shipping available, brings the authentic flavors of Thai snacks directly to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world. Immerse yourself in the unique and delicious tastes of Thailand, and let the culinary adventure begin with the convenience of worldwide delivery. Happy snacking!

Quote of the day "When it comes to crafting delicious snacks, Thailand truly knows how to deliver." said Roy


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