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British People Try Thai Snacks | Lost Knox

We've just embarked on a flavorful journey with a massive selection of Thai snacks. Join us in this episode of "British People Try Thai Snacks" as we delve into Thailand's favorite treats, sweets, and beverages. Some we've encountered during our travels in Thailand, while others come highly recommended by both locals and online snack enthusiasts.

Celebrate the diverse taste palette of with crispy chips, distinctive candies, and flavorful beverages to satisfy every craving. Immerse yourself in the world of Thai snacks through our carefully curated selection, promising a delightful adventure with every click.

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  • Lay's Sour Twist Chips: Our taste buds were pleasantly surprised by these thin, curved chips, reminiscent of Pringles. Unlike the Walkers we're accustomed to in the UK, these Lay's chips offered a zingy freshness with a hint of spice. A solid 8/10 for me and 7/10 for my companion.

  • Koh Kae Coffee Peanuts: Despite the anticipation of a strong coffee flavor, these peanuts leaned more towards sweetness with a subtle coconut oil taste. A fair 6/10 in our books.

  • Lactasoy Collagen Soy Milk: This sweet soy milk, touted as a beauty drink, delivered a delightful experience with a score of 8/10.

  • Manora Shrimp Crackers: A Thai classic, these crackers exceeded expectations with their natural and fresh taste, especially when paired with sweet chili. I gave them a 6/10 due to personal preferences, but my companion rated them 8.5/10, acknowledging their classic appeal.

  • Durian Chips: The infamous durian chips, surprisingly devoid of the fruit's notorious smell, tasted like sheets of dried durian with a subtle coconut oil flavor. Despite their price, they left us wanting more in terms of flavor.

  • Jolly Bears Gummy Bears: A Thai favorite, these gummy bears stood out with their natural taste, soft yet chewy texture, and a lack of artificial flavors. A high 9/10 rating from both of us.

  • Tamarind Juice: Unexpectedly resembling Cola mixed with something unique, Tamarind Juice earned a well-deserved 9/10 for its distinct and enjoyable flavor.

  • Lotus Spicy Chicken Snack: Shaped like chicken drumsticks, these spicy chicken snacks earned a commendable 9.5/10, becoming one of our top Thai snack choices.

  • Lay's Boat Noodle Chips: Inspired by a noodle soup with blood broth, these chips surprised us with their beefy and creamy taste, earning a perfect 10/10.

  • Bento – Dried Seasoning Squid: Sticky and sheets of dried squid, these snacks provided a flavor journey ranging from fishiness to spiciness. A fair 7/10 overall.

  • My Chewy Taro Milk Candy: Shaped like hearts and with a soft texture, these taro-flavored candies impressed us with their natural taste, earning a high 9/10.

  • Mildy Marshmallow: Individually wrapped and dusted, these marshmallows had a slight artificial aroma, resulting in a modest 5/10.

  • Royal Chitralda Milk Tablets: These slightly creamy and sweet milk tablets offered a subtle and pleasant experience.

  • Cougar - Yogurt Candy: Resembling Refreshers bars, these yogurt candies were a bit sour towards the end, tasting like apples. A commendable 9/10.

  • Pipo Gummy: Despite their artificial smell, these gummies scored an 8/10 for their surprisingly tasty flavors.

  • Koh Kae Shrimp Flavored Peanuts: With a pleasant aroma of chili peanuts, these shrimp-flavored peanuts lacked spice but outshone their coffee-flavored counterparts. A fair 6/10. 

  • M-150 Energy Drink: Similar to Red Bull but without the fizziness, this energy drink earned a solid 8/10 from both of us.

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