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Thai snacks box monthly subscription | Shwe & Isaiah

Hi Guy! Shwe and Isaiah are back again. Today, we have another Thai Snack Online box, a monthly subscription box featuring candies, seaweed snacks and jelly. It's the same Aroi-Max theme box comes with 10-12 authentic Thailand snacks including two premium snacks of your choice. Try them out yourself as all boxes are now delivered directly from Thailand right to your doorstep in most countries around the world. More details about subscription box in the link :)

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So let's try it out!

  • Milk Tablet [rating 9/10 - order now]: There are two kinds of tablet, one is chocolate and another is original milk taste. The texture is not too hard. You can just bite it and crack it right away. It's a favorite and good candy snack from childhood.

  • Heartbeat Strawberry Lime Soda Candy [rating 9/10 - order now]: It's a glittering heart shape candy. The sour juice taste is still coming up but just a little bit. The aftertaste is refreshing with sour and sweet with a clear feeling in your mouth. If you have a sugar dizzy kind of thing then this is gonna help like really refreshing because it has a lime taste so the sour also helps you feel better.

  • Sugus Fruit Chewy Candy [rating 9/10 - order now]: Available in JUMBO size candy with lychee and pineapple flavors. The shape is a little square thing about a size of starburst but a little bigger. The taste is really juicy. The lychee flavor taste way better than pineapple and it's good that we have more lychee than pineapple. It's sweet but not crazily sweet.

  • Suthera Crispy Coconut Roll [rating 10/10 - order now]: This snack is definitely a concealer bag. The shape looks like a roll with a little sesame seeds outside and smells like coconut. It tastes like coconut dessert which is really really sweet. It tastes good as you can really feel the coconut.

  • Taro Super Spicy Dried Fish [order now]: It looks like little sticks. It's definitely spicy right off the bat as soon as you bite it. You can't stop tasting the fire as soon as you put it in. It's a snack good for diet with low calories. Whoever can eat the spicy just go for it because it's really good. There are variety of flavor for this "Taro" brand including non-spicy flavor.

  • Tao Kae Noi Spicy Seaweed [rating 9/10 - order now]: It packed like a chips with so many square shapes like seaweed strips that you may have never seen before. Taste good like a fried seaweed. It has a different taste than other normal seaweed snacks. It's really crispy. The spicy is a little bit at a level that you can handle. There's quite a good amount in the bag, a lot. A little salty, a little spicy and a little bitter but not like crazy bitter.

  • Sarach Tamarind Candy [order now]: It's a soft candy with sweet and sour. I love tamarind a lot whether in a salad or tamarind juice. Tamarind is really good for your health. It's kind of like sweet and sour but not too sour. Good thing about this candy is it's a seedless tamarind. Normally tamarind taste is so good outside with sugar coated then when you eat eat then the seed comes out and all sweeteners are done then it's kind like a little sour.

So we hope you guys enjoy this review. We have tried a bunch of candies. Make sure you try it out or just visit to try one of the boxes as they have different sizes or even get the individual snack that you can simply buy online to be delivered to your doorstep. The price is not crazily expensive.

Quote of the day "It's really crispy and a little spicy at the level that you can handle. There's also quite a good amount in the bag, a lot actually." said Shwe


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