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Most popular Thailand snacks to try in 2022

Here comes the most popular Thailand snacks for you to try in 2022 based on our best sellers at Thai Snack Online. Which snacks are running up and which ones were off the list? Let us know your most favorite snack in the comments down below or any snacks you wish we have on our list then we'll try our best to source them especially for you. Grab your snacks today at with our exclusively free worldwide shipping to be served right at your doorstep as we now deliver every Taste of Thailand with smile and friendship :)

Most Popular Thai Snacks | 2016

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No.10 - Pretz Biscuit Tom Yum Kung [get it here] - It's "Pretz by Glico" with Thailand limited edition made from the most popular Thai dish you've known as "Tom Yum Kung" embedded in a biscuit stick. A very tasty and spiciest biscuit stick with essential touch of true Thai signature dish with all tastes from spicy, sweet, salty and legendary sour in one bite.

No.9 - Sarach Tamarind Spicy Candy [get it here] - A very powerful candy with the taste of spicy, sweet and sour made from tamarind that will keep you stay awake for hours on a long journey. A must have Thai Snack Online refreshing candy that should be carry along everywhere you go.

No.8 - Fashion Food Tomato Crackers [get it here] - A classic potato chips with a signature taste of TOMATO and TOMATOes. All in one sweet, salty and sour pleasure that you won't regret. A "finger lickin' good" that you can't stop once started. We dare you trying this!

No.7 - Cornae [get it here] - Another classic snack made from real corn starch which has been selling in Thailand for more than 30 years and still being loved by all Thai snackers.

No.6 - Love Farm Dried Lemon [get it here] - Authentic dried lemon delivered from farm being sliced without squeezed to preserve the taste of lemon, pulp, peel and added with honey flavor. Perfectly fit for dried fruit lovers. 100% natural ingredients with no cholesterol, no fat and high fiber.

No.5 - Roscela Milk Tablets [get it here] - Thailand's classic milky tablet candy for kids in a cute looking package for you to grab-and-go anywhere. An authentic mild scent of the real milky sweet taste. Increase calcium and definitely all time kid's favorites.

No.4 - Sunsnack [get it here] - Yeah! Unstoppable crispy chewing sunflower kernels. Now featuring with so much CORN and melty CHEESE flavor sooooo mouthwatering. Jab! Jab! Crisp!

Sugus chewy candy

No.3 - Lay's Potato Chips Thai Edition [get it here] - The world's famous potato chips known as "Lay's" with Thailand limited edition such as shrimp seafood, miangkam, sweet basils, hot chilli squid and more. An exclusive flavor which you won't find elsewhere but only here at Thai Snack Online to be shipped worldwide all the way right to your doorstep.

Sugus chewy candy

No.2 - Taro Fish Snacks [get it here] - A sticky long yummy snack made from fish. Another famous Thai Snack Online you can't find elsewhere in the world. Full with nutrition and very high protein. An all time favorite for seafood lovers. Can't miss!

Sugus chewy candy

No.1 - Bento - Squid Sweet & Spicy [get it here] - All time favorites and the best seller of Thai Snack Online for you to try in 2022 is "Bento"! A crispy and spicy snack made from real squid and fish mixed with its secret recipe with a signature spicy and munchy texture. Definitely a recommended snack for seafood lovers that cannot be missed :)

Moodee - Pork Floss

And that's the end of our most popular snacks for you to try in 2022. Let us your comments down below for any snack you think should be on the list. Until next year, stay safe and keep snacking at with our free worldwide shipping to your home as we deliver every Taste of Thailand with smile and friendship :)

Best Selling Thai Snacks 2018

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