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Best snack souvenirs to buy from Thailand in 2023

Based on customer survey from 27 countries around the world, we are pleased to announce the TOP TEN best selling snacks that you cannot miss buying from Thailand in 2023. Don't worry if you have not tried any of these snacks yet, simply check it out with just a finger click at as we deliver every snack box with free worldwide shipping to your doorstep with smile and friendship. Hassle free!

Best snack souvenirs to buy from Thailand in 2023

Looking for more? Complete the taste test form with any of our subscription snack box and we'll prepare customized Thailand snacks only just for your every month .. so cool! Last but not least, please leave your feedback on Google or Facebook as we'd love to read every comments and assist your in this deliciously task. Happy snacking :P

No.10 - Jolly Bear Jelly [get it here] - A national favorite yummy gummy gelatin jolly from childhood to ever after. Comes with assorted fruity flavors such as grape, strawberry, orange, apple and more. An intense sweet and sour that you can enjoy in every festivals.

Jolly Bear Jelly

No.9 - Dozo Rice Cracker Corn Cheese [get it here] - Crispy rice crackers featuring corn cheese flavor containing 10 individual packs in a bag. Full with corn cheese aroma with a lightly sweet taste and crispiness of rice bites. An enjoyable snack choice for all ages.

Dozo Rice Cracker Corn Cheese

No.8 - Sunsnack Sunflower Kernel [get it here] - Roasted sunflower kernel rich with vitamin B1, no cholesterol and nutrition from iodized salt. A good choice of Thai Snack Online with corn cheese seasoning. Jab Jab Jab, yum yum :P.

Sunsnack Sunflower Kernel

No.7 - Crispy Banana with Tamarind Jam [get it here] - A creative fruit snacks made from banana chips mixed with sweet and sour tamarind jam. Just like a sandwich which you may not find this experience elsewhere ... ooh! sweet, salty and sour all in one.

Crispy Banana with Tamarind Jam

No.6 - Taro Fish Snack Roll [get it here] - A sticky long yummy snack made from fish. Another famous Thai Snack Online you can't find elsewhere in the world. Full with nutrition and very high protein. An all time favorite for seafood lovers. Can't miss!

Taro Fish Snack Roll

No.5 - Lay's Very Thai Edition [get it here] - Introducing the world's famous potato chips known as "Lay's" together with Thailand's most favorite dishes such as Tom Yum Kung, Boat Noodles and more. An exclusive flavor which you won't find elsewhere but only at Thai Snack Online to be shipped directly across the world from Thailand right to your doorstep.

Sugus chewy candy

No.4 - Big Sheet Crispy Seaweed [get it here] - Original classic taste of authentic seaweed with high protein and fiber which can be melted in your mouth. Very crispy and pack individually which is very easy to consume. Suitable for diet and vegetarian.

Big Sheet Crispy Seaweed

No.3 - Roscela Milk Tablets [get it here] - A very Only in Thailand candy in a form of milky tablet for kids in a cute looking package for you to grab-and-go anywhere. An authentic mild scent of the real milky sweet taste. Increase calcium and definitely all time kid's favorites.

Roscela Milk Tablets

No.2 - Chao Sua Rice Cracker [get it here] - Specially made from qualified Jasmine rice mixed with dried Song Tua and baked with specialized process becomes Thai Khao Tung a.k.a. Thai rice crackers. This is when crispy rice from the field meets the aroma of meat floss of your choice (pork, chicken, squid, shrimp, and more) as secret topping recipe that you cannot miss.

Sugus chewy candy

No.1 - Bento Squid Snack [get it here] - Introducing the highest vote as best snack souvenir from Thailand in 2023 -- BENTO ! This is worldwide's favorite Thai snacks of all time. A crispy and spicy snack made from real squid and fish meat mixed with its signature spicy and munchy texture. A recommended snack for seafood lovers that you gotta try it at least once in a lifetime.

Moodee - Pork Floss

Have a different list of your own? Leave your comments down below and until next year, stay safe, stay healthy and keep snacking at as we deliver every Taste of Thailand with smile and friendship :)

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