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Best Seller Thai Snacks | 2021

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

It's time to take a lookback at best sellers from year 2020 for your best snacking in 2021. Here are the world's most favorite Thai Snack Online in the year of changes. Will your favorite snacks be on top? Find out now as we've gathered the best top ten ranking of Thai snacks worldwide, One and Only at

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No.10 - Pretz Biscuit Stick Larb [get it here] - The famous "Pretz" Thai limited edition blended with ethnic herbs and lime juice. A very tasty and refreshing biscuit stick that will give you a touch of native Thai dishes through spicy, sour and salty in one bite.

No.9 - Knorr Instant Congee [get it here] - An alternative quick meal that can transform into hot nice congee mixed with real meat of your choice. A Thai Snack Online instant meal made from real Jasmine rice with high vitamin B1, B3 & B6. A delicious choice fill-up your energy for the day.

No.8 - Chao Sua Rice Crackers [get it here] - Authentic Traditional Thai crackers made from local Thai rice with various floss on top such as pork, chicken, squid, pork with thai chilli paste, seaweed and the famous Tom Yum. A Thai Snack Online rice crackers that you cannot miss!

No.7 - Taro Fish Snacks [get it here] - A sticky long yummy snack made from fish. Another famous Thai Snack Online you can't find elsewhere in the world. Full with nutrition and very high protein. An all time favorite for seafood lovers. Can't miss!

No.6 - Koh Kae Sriracha Chilli Sauce Green Peas [get it here] - The most popular nuts brand in Thailand "Koh Kae" vs The most famous chilli sauce in the world "Sriracha". From light and sweet citric tang that slowly turns into hot & spicy chilli that you can feel the taste of Thai.

No.5 - Carada Rice Ball Cuttlefish [get it here] - An original rice ball made from cuttlefish mixed with its secret recipe. Pretty light, pretty crisp, pretty spicy that you can't stop but to ask for more.

No.4 - Big Sheet Crispy Seaweed [get it here] - A ready-to-go Thai Snack Online for seaweed lovers from Tao Kae Noi. Big Sheet comes with an individual pack fit for a single snap break. Available now with popular flavours including Hot & Spicy, Tom-Yum-Kung, Cheese, Seafood and the Original.

No.3 - Chao Sua Crispy Pork [get it here] - Specially for pork lover, this is exactly what you may be looking for! Made from 100% pork meat, pressed and baked with local seasoning. An authentic Thai crisps that you can't stop once started.

Sugus chewy candy

No.2 - Lay's Potato Chips Thai Flavours [get it here] - Coming up from last year featuring worldwide famous potato chips brand known as "Lay's" with its Thai flavor series including 2in1 shrimp seafood, Miangkam, Sweet basil, Salted egg and more. A limited series from Lay's that you won't find elsewhere but only Thai Snack Online to be shipped worldwide directly from Thailand all the way to your doorstep.

No.1 - Bento - Squid Sweet & Spicy [get it here] - And this is the best seller of Thai Snack Online in 2020 and so the best seafood snack worldwide of all time! "Bento" is made from real squid and fish mixed with its secret recipe with a very unique spicy and munchy texture. Despite its strong fishy smell, it is definitely a snack for seafood lovers that cannot be missed :)

Moodee - Pork Floss

And that's the end of our best seller snacks in 2020. Leave your comment down below for any snack you think we're missing. Until next year, just keep snacking at and enjoy our worldwide snacks delivery right to your doorstep and your snacks will never be the same!

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