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Various Flavors of Thai Cup Noodles | The Joi

Hi guys! Today, we're gonna let our foreigner friends try various cup noodles of Thailand limited flavors and see how they react. You can also check out these cup noodles at where you can simply get them shipped out with free worldwide shipping right to your home as we always deliver every Taste of Thailand with our smile and friendship :)

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Let the hot flavors begin!

  • Seafood Pad Kee Mao [...]: Started with very red packaging, so BE CAREFUL! It's a dried noodle in a cup (intended not to be made as soup). Smells very spicy and fishy from its aroma. The taste starts with salty and sweet. Surprisingly, it's really not spicy at all.

  • Green Curry Chicken [order now]: Smells really good like green curry. It's spicy, really spicy. There are actual dried chicken meats inside. You can also find mild coconut milk in the soup. Taste really good like Tom Yum.

  • Suki Seafood [order now]: The soup texture is again, really REDDDDD! The smell is really normal like potato chips (hahaha). It's also a little fishy but I like it and it's not too spicy.

  • Palo Duck [order now]: It smells like ducks with mushrooms and it's savory. The soup is nice with salty. And I like salty :P

Quote of the day "It's like when you really need a hug and lonely at home looking at the window. You'll taste like this :)" said John


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