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Unboxing and taste test! | Nicole Hopkins

Hi everyone :) Today, we have a snack box from Thai Snack Online and it's quite a huge box. The snacks were packed safely with bubble wrapped inside the box together with a nice greeting card. Everything is so perfect for a movie night. You guys can also check out these snacks at as they have hundreds of authentic Thailand snacks that can be shipped directly to your doorstep no matter where you are. A definite Taste of Thailand to be delivered with smile and friendship ;)

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So let's dive right into it together:

  • Lay's Salted Egg [order now]: It smells a little funky. It tastes like you're eatign salted egg on some ramen or some rice. This is definitely in a good pile.

  • Lay's Hot Chilli Squid [order now]: The taste is really good. I didn't expect that much.

  • Nissin Crab Curry Ramen [order now]: This looks very spicy.

  • Oriental Kitchen Salted Egg Noodle [order now]: It smells really good and really hot. There's a little fork comes inside the cup that can stretch out, really cool! The taste is not really spicy but just the perfect amount of spice. That's absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this.

Quote of the day "The taste is not really spicy but just the perfect amount of spice" said Nicole


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