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Trying Snacks From Thailand/ Unboxing | Ceyla Makes

Hello everybody! Welcome to Ceyla and Daddy's channel. Today, we're going to unbox a snack box from Thai Snack Online. It's so excited to review the content inside the box. Visit to find many many snacks including tin food, beans, chips, popcorn, sweets, lollipops, noodles, drinks, and more.

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Let's get this party started :)

  • Mildy Marshmallow (mixed fruity) [get snack]: Start with lychee flavor then put straight to your mouth. When it starts to melt, you'll note that it's not overly sweet. It's really soft like eating clouds and you'll get that little burst of banana (or lychee)!

  • Jackfruit Chips [get snack]: There's a sweetness that you would get from a mango. These are really nice. If you like crunch and sweetness in the background, this is something to go towards.

  • Pocky (mango flavor) [get snack]: You can smell mango once you open the package. The taste is like from heaven :)

  • Beng-Beng (caramel coated crispy rice) [get snack]: It's not overly sweet and I LOVE IT! You can hear the chewing and crunching out loud. The wafer layers are fantastic.

  • Dynamite (chocolate mint candy) [get snack]: There's a little hint of chocolate. That's very nice and it's making my mouth celebrate. Normally, then rating is 10 out of 10 but this one is way over 10! It's Mint out of 10 :)

  • Party Chips (coated caramel) [get snack]: It's a fried sweet potato chips coated with butter caramel. It tastes like eating cereal like when you put it and mix within milk for breakfast.

  • Crispy Banana with Tamarind Jam [get snack]: There are two crispy banana and the tamarind paste in between like a sandwich. So you get this crunchy and sweet taste like honey.

  • Thai Coconut Roll (banana flavor) [get snack]: It's pretty organized inside the package. It's crispy and the banana come straight away. That was lovely like banana overloaded.

  • Sanghai Wafer (strawberry flavor) [get snack]: I love the color, it's pink. Looks like a yoghurt coated. This feels like eating a strawberry milkshake. Like a strawberry yoghurt.

  • Tomato Crackers [get snack]: It melts inside the mouth very quickly. Yum! It tastes like tomato spread when you put on the pizza.

  • Twistko Corn Crackers [get snack]: These look like crisps in the old times called "Knick Knack".

  • Pocky (choco banana flavor) [get snack]: It smells like a banana milkshake. The biscuit stick color is brown as it's a chocolate biscuit and taste so intense like smoothie.

Quote of the day "This one won the superior taste award and it's obviously why" said Ceyla and Daddy


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