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Thai snacks for BEER | Niki Proshin

Hello friends :) It's time to celebrate an improving situation now in Thailand with a BEER to try with some snacks which Niki and Haruka have never tried before. See if you like and you can try it yourself at home. At, we deliver these snacks for free in every corner of the world with minimum spending only $25 plus guarantee successful delivery (hassle free!). So grab your beer and give it a try and your snacks (and beer) will never be the same :)

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Let's see what we've got:

  • Cocori (cuttlefish rice ball) : The smell is quite fishy. It's sweet and a bit salty. Taste just like it's made for beer. Really nice one.

    • Lay's (mieng kam krob ros) : A potato chip shape with lace sheets. The taste starts with a lime. Also a good one for beer.

    • Fashion Food (tomato chips) : Obviously tomato smell with a tomato taste. The taste is so light. What a nice cracker tomato chips.

    • Traditional Thai Dried Mango Sheets : The taste is quite sugary like Chinese plum. Not that sour. Not so bad especially if you're mango lovers.

  • Mixed Cashew Nuts and Anchovy : You can taste the cashew nuts, the spiciness and the fish all at once. Definitely a good one :)

  • Pretz (thai chilli paste) : It's salty and a bit spicy though not much of a chilli paste

  • Yum Yum (bread stick dipping chocolate) : After you open the package, you'll find a pack of bread stick, chocolate dip and a decent sugary flakes. Simply pick up the stick and dip it altogether. The taste is quite a sweet decent. Probably not for beer but should be a kid's favorite or if you're looking for something chocolaty and sweet.

  • Pretz (tom yum kung) : A very distinctive tom yum flavour on a stick. Love it!

  • Fisho (spicy seafood fish snack) : The smell is very fishy Comes with black long texture stick made from fish. The taste is exactly what it says "it's black, it's spicy and it's seafood flavour".

  • Pick Me (crackers) : It's sweet and crackery. Not bad.

Quote of the day "Let's celebrate with some Thai snacks for BEER" said Niki

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