Lay's - Potato Chips Miang Kam (50g)

เลย์ มันฝรั่งแท้ทอดกรอบรสเมี่ยงคำครบรส (52 กรัม)

This Lay’s choice is packed with lime, ginger, chilli, dried shrimp and coconut with an unexpected treat for your palate. With the pack of dark green color represents the original form of Miang Kam flavour (a Siamese traditional food) by Lay's. Once opened, you'll get hit by herbal scent and a taste of sour but a little bit Thai spicy style. This very limited Thai Snack Online selection is now available with an affordable price and free worldwide shipping to your doorstep. No Preservative.

Lay's - Potato Chips Miang Kam (50g)

SKU: 021004
  • Ingredients & Nutrition Facts


    • Potatoes, rice bran oil and seasoning
    • Amount per unit : 320 kilocalories
    • Shelf life from manufacturing date : 6 months 
  • 4S Rating - Snacks Guide

    • Spicy   :
    • Sweet  : * * *
    • Salty    : *
    • Sour    :
  • Safety & Quality Standards

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