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Smile Thailand Ep.16 | Hello! Chiang Mai

If you're looking for a top travel destination in Thailand .. "Chiang Mai" is one of the definite place to explore with full sense of nature such as flower gardens, hilltops, fresh air and many hip cafes along the walking street. A chilling town to slow down your life and feel the very moment of your breath. Explore Chiang Mai with us through our highly recommend must-visit places for you and your family. Grab your bag, put on your shoes and here we go!

Hello! Chiang Mai

You can fly directly to Chiang Mai international airport (CNX) or transit via Suvarnabhumi international airport (BKK) which will take you right through the city center of Chiang Mai. In our guide, we highly recommend you to rent a car as there are a lot of cheap service here right at the airport and it's more convenient to travel between places. Make sure to book your car in advance especially in high season or check out for better car deals here.

And here are Thai Snack Online places we highly recommend to visit here in Chiang Mai :)

1. Tha Phae Walking Street (view location)

This is the largest walking street in Thailand. A place where you can touch the lives of local people in Chiang Mai. Enjoy the night with various food, music, hand-made souvenirs, street arts, street food and local fruits. Tha Phae walking street starts from Tha Phae gate (historical landmark of Chiang Mai) down to Rachadamnoen road.

Open hours : 17:00-22:00 hrs on Saturday and Sunday

Entrance fee : Free

2. Bhubing Palace (view location)

The royal palace built in 1962 at the top of the mountain which is now open for public to visit. Fully decorating with flower gardens, beautiful lakes and trees. The place was built with the concept of traditional Thai architecture made from bricks and cements. Enjoy a peaceful walk in the nature with a lot of beautiful scenery specially for photo shooting lovers.

Open hours : 08:30-15:30 hrs

Entrance fee : 20 THB per person

3. Grand Canyon (view location)

This is absolute answer for extreme activity lovers. The Grand Canyon Chiang Mai is a new attraction with a great view and large emerald lake and cliffs with the height of 3 storey building. You can enjoy swimming and kayaking here. For more info, visit

Open hours : 09:00-19:00 hrs

Entrance fee : 650 THB per person

4. Phra That Doi Suthep Temple (view location)

Another landmark and sacred place to visit in Chiang Mai. Phra That Doi Suthep temple is a symbolic place that stays with Chiang Mai city since historical time. Located at the top of mountain 1,000 meters above sea level where you need to pass 300 staircases up to the top view. A good place to begin a new year and start a new path of life.

Open hours : 06:00-18:00 hrs

Entrance fee : 20 THB per person (for tram up to the top)

5. Chiang Mai Night Safari (view location)

Only 20 kilometers from Chiang Mai city. Enjoy the new experience of night safari with a tram ride into Savanna jungle in the middle of the night. You can buy food to feed the animals along the ride up close with many creatures such as giraffe and deer. Beware to enter the night predator zone and face the black tiger and hygiena alive. Watch amazing shows of various animals, enjoy the food and grab some souvenirs for your love ones here.

Open hours : 13:00-16:00, 16:00-19:00, 19:00-21:00 hrs

Entrance fee : 100 THB per person (price may vary after COVID-19)

6. Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden (view location)

Meet the real giant cactus one and only here at Queen Sirikit botanic garden. This gigantic natural space is divided into many zones including 400 meters of canopy sky walk at the height of 20 meters above the ground along the line of sky trees, jungle glass house, trekking trials and exhibition of Thai orchids. A place where you can spend the whole refreshing casual day with.

Open hours : 08:30-17:00 hrs

Entrance fee : 40 THB per person + 100 THB per vehicle

7. Doi Inthanon National Park (view location)

The highest point of Thailand is here. Doi Inthanon national park is located at the level of 2,565 meters above sea level where you can enjoy a lot of waterfalls on the way up here. The weather is very refreshing and cold at this point throughout the year.

Open hours : 06:00-18:00 hrs

Entrance fee : 300 THB per person

8. Nimmanahaeminda Road (view location)

The hippest street of Chiang Mai city where all the arts meet coffee :) This road consists of many hostels, art shops, fashion street, restaurants and entertainments with creative architecture out of the box and much more.

Open hours : 11:00-23:00 hrs

Entrance fee : None. Only pay for food and service.

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