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Smile Thailand Ep.15 | COVID-19 can't take our smile :)

Even though COVID-19 takes us apart in many places across the world but it can't take our smile. In this blog, we'll see how Thai people fight together through this tough time via various MVs that will continue to keep you smiling :)

Airline industry is obviously the first group that got impact from COVID-19 pandemic, Thai airways and its crew has made this unofficial video to confirm that they will survive through this tough time and will see and serve you again o the other side of coming bright sky.

Not only travelling in the air, all domestic travels are getting significant impact since Thailand lock down in April 2020. BTS skytrain and its staff have stepped out to give advice on how we can keep good hygiene and stay away from COVID-19. Social distancing, wash hands frequently, eat only heated food, exercise and wearing mask when going outside. In Thailand, no one is left behind.

Emphasize more understanding about COVID-19 with TQM insurance broker. Make sure to keep alcohol gel and masks along with you at all time. Avoid group gathering, always wash your hands, don't touch your face if not necessary while you're outside, eat heated food and don't share your personal belongings/tools such as fingernail scissors with others.

Many months that we fight through this together even the time we're all stay safe at home, there are unpopular heroes that stay awake and risk their lives so we can stay safe through this COVID-19 pandemic. The bus driver who helps you travel from place to place, the guard that protects your front building so you can fully rest without fear, the garbage collector that keeps your community clean so you can have good hygiene from all diseases. Many losers from the COVID-19 impact who turn into heroes through sharing and giving based on their capacity. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.

Last but not least, we all will live and learn and pass through this together. We are stronger than we thought we knew. Learn from the past, stay with present and look to a brighter better future. Keep fighting!

Until we meet and eat and play together again. Keep smiling and we will pass through this together :)

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