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Smile Thailand Ep.14 | Khao Kho .. City in the Mist

If you like to travel deep into the nature, trekking on top of the mountain, sip your morning coffee among the clouds then Khao Kho is the answer. With a prime location surrounded by mountains and forests has made this place a great escape for all seasons just only 4-5 hours drive from the capital city a.k.a. Bangkok. Try this once in a lifetime breath of nature yourself today, let's go!

Chanthaburi Thailand Eastern Sea

We'll start our journey from Suvarnabhumi international airport and drive for 5 hours to Khao Kho district. Enjoy several rest area, coffee cafe and grab some Thai Snack Online along the way :) There are many car rental service providers at the airport but we highly recommend to reserve in advance especially during high season to ensure you'll get the right transport you need. For more information of local car rental, check this out :

Google Maps from BKK airport to Khao Kho :

Grab your jacket, take a deep breath and here we go!

1. The Hidden Jewel Cliff Temple "Wat Phra Thart Pha Sorn Kaew" (view location)

This is the landmark of Khoa Kho location. A temple built on the cliff surrounded by mountains and nature that you can see from afar with a hidden cave on top of the mountain. And the story was told, once in a while, the villager will see a sparkling jewel fall down from the sky and mysteriously went disappear in the cave. The locals believe that this is part of buddha coming down from the heaven to bless the people on earth hence the temple was built and named after that.

Open hours : 07:00-18:00 hrs

Entrance fee : Free

2. Phu Kaew Resorts & Phu Kaew Peak (view location)

One if the recommended place to stay are the resorts in Phu Kaew area which are privately located in the middle of nature surrounded by pine trees. There are also adventure zone for those who are seeking for exciting experience such as rock climbing and ziplining.

Just before the sunset, simply take the resort's truck service all the way up to the secret heaven called "Phu Kaew Peak" where you'll see a panoramic view all around from the top of the mountain. Such a variety of playground with many corners for photo shooting including a giant hand made of sticks that extended out from the cliff in the middle of the sky. There's also a small coffee shop at Phu Kaew Peak which you can spend all your time here sipping your favorite cup and watch the sun setting off the mountain right before your eyes.

Open hours : 06:00-19:00 hrs

Entrance fee : Free for resort customers

3. King Kong Khao Kho (view location)

Another viewpoint on the top of the mountain with a giant King Kong and Dinosaurs made from hays. You can see a panoramic view from here surrounded by windmills along the cliff and many photo corners, superhero statues, flower gardens, camping points, coffee cafe's and more.

Open hours : 06:00-22:00 hrs

Entrance fee : 40 THB per person

4. The Blue Sky Resort & Garden (view location)

An English garden in the middle of the mountains. This flower gardens and restaurant are part of The Blue Sky Resort which is located at the center of Khao Kho district. Another popular attraction for those who love to take a photo in a European style among various colors of flowers so romantic. The gardens are grouped into 4 seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter for you to visit throughout the year. The highlight view that you can't miss is the point where you can walk along the path of white flowers seeing a European castle as a background among the mist. Grab your camera and proof it yourself today!

Open hours : 10:00-18:00 hrs

Entrance fee : 200 THB per person

5. Khao Kho Post Office (view location)

The sea of the mist is the highlight you can't miss when visiting Khoa Kho. One of the very popular viewpoint and camping location is this Khao Kho post office. Wake up early and ensure you'll reach there before 6AM just to see the sunrise along with other campers in that area. Highly recommended season to for the foggy is end of October to early November just between the end of rainy season and the beginning of winter in Thailand. Such a romantic experience to camping among the stars and wake up right among the clouds.

Open hours : Anytime

Entrance fee : Free for you

6. Pino Latte Resort & Cafe (view location)

Just next to "Wat Phra Thart Pha Sorn Kaew" is the location of a million dollars worth viewpoint called "Pino Latte Resort & Cafe". The location itself is also a big cafeteria serving main courses such as steaks as well as desserts, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Because it's located at the very highest point, you can simply see the hidden jewel cliff temple right from here and beyond all over Khao Kho area. A very good place to spend time to catch up with friends and family.

Open hours : 07:00-19:00 hrs

Entrance fee : Just order something along the menu though it's worth deliciously trying :P

7. Kong Niam Temple Viewpoint (view location)

Another viewpoint to see the clouds. Kong Niam temple is located at the cliff a little further from main attraction points of Khao Kho area where the nature is well preserved. Take a deep breath of a clear air and enjoy the sun rise up among the hills and clouds in this calm place where only few people has already discovered.

Open hours : All hours

Entrance fee : Absolutely free

8. Khao Kho Zoo (view location)

This is a national research institution for wildlife in Khao Kho area. Just keep driving all the way into a deep forest through the national preserve park. A very good place where you can spend time with family and seeing rare animals such as red bulls, deers, porcupines, black bears, wild birds and more.

Open hours : 08:00-16:00 hrs

Entrance fee : Free for all animal lovers

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