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Monthly ThaiSnackOnline November Edition | Shwe & Isaiah

Hi guys! Welcome to the Shwe & Isaiah review. As promised, today we're back with another monthly Thai snack online snack box review. This time, we'll be diving into the November edition. First up, we have a delightful potato chips combination flavor of papaya salad and grilled chicken. The chip bag contains two distinct flavors, allowing you to savor the taste of both papaya salad and grilled chicken individually. It's a unique experience that adds an extra layer of enjoyment. By the way, I've been learning some basic Thai phrases lately, mostly before bedtime. It's a fun way to immerse myself and refresh my language skills. Although I can't read Thai yet, I can recognize certain words by their appearance. So, while I may not be able to read the packaging, I can make an educated guess based on the familiar visuals. I'm doing my best, hoping I get it right. Okay, let's continue exploring!

Next up, we have Playmore gummy with a two-flavor treat featuring apple and strawberry. These chewy snacks can be also found at 7-Eleven store. They're 100% juice and provide a refreshing experience. Moving on, we have an exciting seafood twist with another Lay's chips, I can't help but reminisce about the taste of lobster. This particular twist combines the flavors of crab claws and shrimp, offering a delectable seafood experience. Oh, and here we also have pasta-flavored chips, though it's hard to determine the exact pasta type. Now, let's explore the Chester's seaweed. Although I'm not particularly fond of chicken, I'm uncertain about the exact flavor. But according to the ingredients, it seems to be a combination of crispy chicken and fish sauce, perhaps resembling fried rice. Moving on to Euro cake pendant, it's worth mentioning that I haven't tried any other flavors apart from the pendant itself. However, they offer a variety including milk custard, chocolate, banana, melon, and strawberry. Next, we have the original-flavored Jasmine rice cracker, as well as the chili and tomato-flavored grits. Lastly, we have a delectable treat called Chocolate Dipped Solar Dried Banana, which combines the sweetness of banana with a chocolate coating. I can't wait to try it!

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Although it arrived a few days ago, we've been patiently waiting for the right moment to share it with you. So, let's get started!

  • Chocolate dipped solar dried banana: It's wrapping individually in a bite-sized pieces. As you can see, they come in convenient portions. A truly best little treats. A delightful chunk of hot chocolate-infused banana. [Music] When you take a bite, you'll notice the soft and luscious interior. Mmm, it's absolutely delightful. I highly recommend giving it a try.

  • Arigato chilli & tomato squid crackers: The chili instrumental flavor of these snacks has a pleasant sweetness to it. You can definitely taste the corn snack essence, like the familiar crunch of a corn chip. There's a hint of tomato, but it leans more towards the sweet side rather than being spicy. Initially, the chili flavor might not be prominent, but the more you eat, the more you'll notice it. Personally, I would rate it an eight and a half out of ten. However, Isaiah gives it a solid nine. The texture is wonderfully crunchy, and the overall taste is quite satisfying right from the first bite.

  • Tasto carbonara (pasta?) flavored chips: It seems to be spaghetti carbonara flavor. So, it's spaghetti-flavored, not just pasta. It's not your typical flat chip; it has a wavy shape. The taste is truly remarkable, exceptionally good. In fact, it's so good that we both give it a perfect ten out of ten rating.

  • Tawan papaya salad & grilled chicken chips: I believe this is the chicken flavor. Inside, you can see distinct elements. There's a reddish component, resembling papaya salad, and a round, brownish one representing grilled chicken. The combination of these flavors creates a delightful taste experience.

  • Chester's grilled chicken seaweed: These aren't individually packed. It appears to be a vibrant green color. I can detect a slight hint of fish, but the fish sauce flavor isn't very pronounced. Instead, there's a pleasant sweetness to it. However, it doesn't quite replicate the exact taste of a traditional fish sauce. Overall, it's enjoyable and quite tasty.

  • Lay's crab claws and shrimp: There's a noticeable hint of lime in the flavor, which adds a tangy element. You can definitely taste the combination of sweetness and sourness. It reminds me of the shrimp we had previously, where we dipped it in lime sauce. The resemblance is quite remarkable. A perfect ten out of ten.

  • Chinmai jasmine rice crackers: These snacks are individually wrapped and conveniently come in packs of two. They're the original flavor, right? Absolutely. They taste fantastic, making them an excellent snack option. They're especially great for travel purposes. I would give them a perfect ten out of ten rating. They're truly outstanding.

  • Playmore gummy tapes: These are gummy fruit wraps made with apple and strawberry flavors. They taste really good. I took a small piece, but we can definitely finish the whole bar. A perfect ten out of ten. The strawberry one is delicious, but personally, I prefer the green apple flavor. It has a slightly sour taste that adds to the overall flavor profile. However, the strawberry one is also quite enjoyable. We both give them a solid ten out of ten rating. They are both truly delicious.

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Quote of the day "We both give them a solid ten out of ten rating. They are both truly delicious." said Shwe


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