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Know the Manufacturer Ep.27 | Knorr

Specially for all the Asian chefs and those cooking lovers, you may have familiar with the tiny little square-shape bouillon to flavor up your meal or an instant congee which you can simply do the magic within a few minutes to make your dish known under the brand "Knorr".

Big Sheet Seaweed

Knorr is a trademark for food and drinks originated in Germany since 1838 by Mr. Carl Heinrish Theodor Knorr who invented the first bouillon cube in the world. Knorr was acquired by Unilever since 2000 and now considered as one of the highest value brands under Unilever corporation being distributed over 78 countries around the world.

At Knorr, every employees are committed to reinvent food for humanity by being healthier for both people and the land it is produced. Knorr brings the power of flavor to good food and overcome barriers that stop people from eating for good. Knorr champions a wider variety of delicious foods, more plants and a little less meat, and foods that are grown in ways that sustain, restore and regenerate the precious land that is the source of all.

Since 1982, Knorr was established in Thailand providing many ingredients such as soup stock, seasonings, frying powder and instant congee. There was a research indicating that Thai people consumes Thai soup more than 6,700 million bowls a year but making the right and standard taste is not that easy. That's when Knorr comes into place as instant solution which you don't need to spend hours over hours making the stock by your own. Because it's so easy to consume even by your children, Thai soup is considered as one of the most popular easy-to-made menus in Thailand after omelette, stirred veggies and fried fish.

Jasmine rice is an important ingredient for Knorr instant congee that has richly grown in Thailand country. Jasmine rice consists of vitamin B1 that provides source of energy such as carbohydrate and helps prevent complications in the nervous system, brain, muscles, heart, stomach, and intestines, vitamin B2 and vitamin B3 that helps to lower high cholesterol levels in the body as well as helping respiratory or vascular disorders. Moreover, Jasmine rice is the source of high calcium and phosphorus that strengthen your bones and teeth. These are the reasons why Jasmine rice becomes primary food for Thai people in every meals so as Knorr congee cup as Thai Snack Online favorite menus of all time fruitfully with nutrition on the go for your early energy in the morning.

There are total 5 flavors of Knorr instant congee available now including pork, chicken, fish, crab stick plus shrimp, and pork seaweed. They're all now offered both in a big pack and a convenient cup exclusive with free worldwide shipping at which will deliver directly from Thailand all the way to your home. Guarantee successful delivery for all shipments, hassle free!

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