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Know the Manufacturer Ep.24 | Pumpui

With the concept of "Smile deliciously", Pumpui (a.k.a. Smiling Fish) was established in 1978 in the name of Kuang Pei San Food Products plc with initial capital only 60,000 USD to manufacture high quality canned fish for domestic market instead of numerous imports in the old days. Guarantee with a smiling fish face in tomato sauce on a red and pink can with supply capacity over 1 million cans per year. Pumpui has grown rapidly in a market with increasing variety beyond the famous tomato sauce to serve growing need of consumers until today.

Pumpui | Smiling fish can

Under the management of Mr.Surin Tohtubtiang, Pumpui brand focuses in all steps from qualifying material supply sources, selecting only high quality packaging, standardize food processing to transform into quality Pumpui products that can be delivered to the market. Nowadays, Pumpui has very wide range of canned products including fish in tomato sauce, baby clams with chilli seasoning, stir fried chicken recipe and more.

In Thailand, canned food market is worth more than 100 million USD per year with premium product segment around 20-30% of market share with over 30 different flavours across market. To keep up with the competition, Pumpui always introduce 1-2 new products to the market every year.

Pumpui | Smiling fish can

Recently, Pumpui has introduced a new innovative "ready-to-eat" products that can be put in microwave as instant meal in a pack. This will respond to fast and convenience lifestyle that is tending up which will also more value to consumers.

Pumpui factory and head office is located in Trang province in the Southern region of Thailand where all supplies of fresh seafood are landed right to be processed for you. A very strategic spot for quality materials to ensure best food or well packed before sending up to to distribution center in the Central region of Thailand.

Order Pumpui with us today at with free worldwide shipping to be served at your doorstep. Try the authentic taste of Thai directly served from Thailand sea with hassle free from guarantee success shipping in every individual order and your snacks will never be the same!

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