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Jolly Bears a jelly legend in Thailand | Know the Manufacturer Ep.31

Jolly Bears is the vibrant gummy bears cherished by families, celebrated for their inventive charm that has graced the market for an impressive half-century. Among the myriad options in the confectionery business, Jolly Bears stands as one of Thailand's enduring brands, firmly established over the years. Owned by 'Pongchit Co., Ltd.,' founded by the visionary couple 'Sompong and Somchit Chaopradit' in 1973, this delightful brand has left its mark on the snack market for almost five decades.

Surprisingly, the path to success wasn't always smooth. Initially rejected by stores, Jolly Bears faced challenges at the outset. Determined to find their footing, the Chaopradit family, now in its second generation, ventured into the production of 'Jelly' after witnessing its allure during travels abroad. The novelty, colors, and potential appeal to Thai consumers sparked the transformation from hard candy to the colorful jelly bears they are known for today. Jolly Bears is a blend of jelly infused with 12% fruit juice, captivated taste buds with its five flavors: orange, apple, grape, strawberry, and pineapple, contained in each sachet.

In the early days, despite having fewer competitors, the unfamiliarity of jelly among Thai consumers hindered sales, leading to some stores returning the product and others refusing to carry it. It wasn't until the third generation of the Chaopradit family, helmed by 'Jidapa Rasminrathip' and 'Plakorn Chaopradit,' the current business managers, that advertising efforts were deployed to create awareness and boost sales. Introducing two types of envelopes, 'golden' at 5 baht and 'silver' at 10 baht, Jolly Bears gradually began its ascent as a confectionery legend.

One of the keys to Jolly Bears' long-lasting appeal has been their dedication to maintaining quality and keeping prices affordable, despite the challenges faced in modern business. While they used to refrain from extensive advertising or marketing activities, in recent years, Jolly Bears has become more visible, introducing new packages for various occasions and offering 'freebies' like collectible bags for fans. They also listened to consumer preferences by introducing larger 20 baht packets for those seeking more indulgence.

The delightful aspect of Jolly Bears, capturing the hearts of many, lies in their separate color design, allowing customers to choose their preferred flavors. This charming feature eases the anticipation during unwrapping as one discovers their chosen color and flavor. In addition to the classic flavors like green for apple, red for strawberry, and purple for grape, Jolly Bears expanded their range in 2019 with the introduction of "Super Sour," comprising three green Jolly Bears flavors: apple, lemon, and kiwi.

Jolly Bears' success story extends beyond its flagship product, as Pongchit Company also produces other delightful offerings like Jolly Cola, Jolly Dots, and Jolly Stick, while also engaging in OEM production for various food businesses. The efforts and creativity of the Chaopradit family have borne fruit, with substantial financial growth over the years. Notably, in 2019, they recorded a total income of 205 million baht, with a profit of 38 million baht, followed by a total income of 215 million baht and a profit of 38 million baht in 2020. In 2021, their success soared, achieving a total income of 264 million baht, with a profit of 49 million baht.

Jolly Bears, the once-rejected gummy bears, now stand tall as a candy legend for an astonishing 50 years, a testament to innovation, perseverance, and a commitment to delightful confections that bring joy to generations of consumers.

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