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Thai Fruits made by heart from "Love Farm" | Know the Manufacturer Ep.30

"Love Farm" is defined as creative snacks that differentiate for a greater taste. It was a coincident start-up business with an idea to create new type of snacks to the market. Most of Love Farm snacks are the kind of snacks that have never been introduced in modern trade market which creates a lot of attention to consumers passing by when on shelf.

Thai Fruits made by heart from "Love Farm" | Know the Manufacturer Ep.30

With a strong passion of one smart businesswoman named "Ubonrat Ithisermboon" to help agricultural business in her hometown. She tried to research on how to add value of raw tamarinds that she bought from surrounding farms to her stock in order to meet consumer's needs throughout the country and that's the start up of "Love Farm".

Her family is originally in tamarind farming and manufacturing business in Petchaboon province which is believed as the best atmosphere in the world to grow the tamarinds. However, the location is also good for other farming products such as lemons but the appearance may not look as good as fresh lemons grew in western countries. This makes competition tougher with imported products and reduces its value so the best way out is to transform these lemons into other forms such as dried lemons packed into modern trades such as 7-11, Family mart, Jiffy, Tops market, Villa market, Max Valu, Lemon farm, Lotus, Golden place and The Mall which this product wasn't existed back then.

Love Farm also targets to grow customers via online channel from current 1% to 10% of total portfolio with its new packaging and increases exports channel to China, Taiwan and South Korea through trade shows.

Lately, Love Farm has introduced 4 new products into the market such as dried guava with plum, dried pineapple with chilli, dried purple sweet potato and dried plum. This is only first step on the journey to introduce all preserved Thai street fruits to the world that consumers can conveniently bring them to eat anywhere anytime together with founder's belief that healthy fruits can also be your favorite choice of snacks to consume with happiness and fun.

Thai Fruits made by heart from "Love Farm" | Know the Manufacturer Ep.30

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