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Introducing Lay's Thai Tastes | Will Kupfer

Welcome Will Kupfer to Thai Snacks review and luckily he's in Thailand today! Will is going to introduce you to 6 awesome Thai flavours of Lay's crisps. You know 'Lay's' is a huge potato chip brands across the world either in Europe, Asia or in the U.S. so Lay's Thailand has just introduced you a new 'Thai Taste' series which we'll going through today. Remember, you can also taste these yourself no matter where you are at as we now have free worldwide shipping service right to your doorstep and your snacks will never be the same.

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Lay's "Thai Tastes" .. better try it now or never!

  • Lay's Salted Egg [get it here]: It's more salted than I imagined as a salted crisps. If you're looking for a strong pack of really salted crisps. This is the one.

  • Lay's Mieng Kam Krob Ros [get it here]: It's original made as Thai appetizer dish wrapped by green leaves with various ingredients inside such as cabbage, lettuce, chilli, peanuts and dried shrimps then put them all in one bite. As for Lay's, this is a really interesting flavour. You can taste a bit of citrus. Not really fishy but you'll feel a little meaty aftertaste. Not a really strong flavour hanging in your mouth but it's quite nice. Definitely a taste you can't find elsewhere but only in Thailand.

  • Lay's Crab Curry [get it here]: You can smell a strong curry immediately after open the packet. The texture is a crinkled crisp similar to McCoys chips in UK. The taste is also interesting as you can smell the curry while it's not overpowering so you can also taste a bit of crab flavour as well.

  • Lay's Basil Chicken [get it here]: You can definitely smell the basil quite easily after open the packet even though it's not that strong but it's quite nice. The taste is quite spicy with a strong taste of chilli and a hint of basil.

  • Lay's Green Curry [get it here]: Green curry is extremely a popular dish in Thailand. You can get a small aroma of green curry after open the packet with a texture if crinkle crisp. There's a slight taste of green curry though it could be a bit stronger. There's no real hint of chilli in there. However, the overall taste is still pretty good. Recommended!

  • Lay's Shrimp Tom Yum [get it here]: The smell is very plain though it doesn't fall short in flavour. There's a strong taste of shrimp and a lot of tomato with a little tiny intimate of chilli.

Quote of the day "I believe you can't find any of these but only in Thailand" said Will

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