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DIY Snacks | Jolly Bear Popsicle

What could be better than a jolly ice cream on one hot sunny day? Today, we'll introduce an easy DIY idea for funny and colorful ice cream you can do at home. With easy materials you can find from your local store or simply order-to-deliver at to be served right to your doorstep. Easy, right? Here we go!

DIY Snacks | Jolly Pop Ice cream


  • Soft drinks that you like (e.g. Coca Cola, Sprite)

  • Jolly bear [get it here]

  • Popsicle mold -- find from your local store or order directly from

Cooking steps

  1. Clean the popsicle mold to be ready for making our new funny and lovely jolly

  2. Fill the mold with jolly bears as much as you like :)

  3. Fill the mold with your favorite soft drinks until full

  4. Seal the mold with popsicle holders then put in the freeze for 3 hours

  5. Boom! your favorite Thai Snack Online popsicles are now ready to be served!


  • Adding other toppings be side jolly bears such as small piece of fruits, sugar flakes and chocolate flakes into the mold is also so much fun :P


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