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DIY Snacks | Thai Green Curry Chicken

A Thai Snack Online menu you can't miss in every Thai restaurants. With a mild sweet and sour chicken boiled together with various herbs in a coconut curry soup. A signature Thai taste you should try once in a lifetime.

Green Curry Paste Ingredients

  1. Spur chilli 100 grams

  2. ฺฺBird's eye chilli 20 grams

  3. Garlic 80 grams

  4. Shallot 150 grams

  5. Galangal 30 grams

  6. Lemon grass 60 grams

  7. Parsley root 15 grams

  8. Kaffir lime skin 2 teaspoon

  9. Turmeric 1/2 teaspoon

  10. Pepper 2 teaspoon

  11. Coriander seed 1 tablespoon

  12. Cumin powder 2 tablespoon

  13. Salt 1 teaspoon

  14. Shrimp paste 1 tablespoon

Main Ingredients

  1. Sliced chicken 1 kilograms

  2. Coconut cream 500 grams

  3. Coconut milk 1 kilograms

  4. Thai eggplant 400 grams

  5. Turkey berry 100 grams

  6. Kaffir lime leaf 8 leaves

  7. Thai basil leaf 50 grams

  8. Fish sauce 50 grams

  9. Sugar 20 grams

  10. Sliced spur chilli 20 grams

Cooking steps

  1. Separately prepare the Green curry paste by grind its ingredients then mixed them together in following order starting from pepper, spur chilli, bird's eye chilli, salt, galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime skin, parsley root, shallot, garlic and the rest together

  2. Boil 200 grams of coconut cream in a pot until they're all melt then add Green curry paste from step #1 to mix together while slowly adding the rest coconut cream until they're all blended

  3. Add sliced chicken and turkey berry in until the meat is well cooked then add coconut milk, fish sauce and sugar for the taste you prefer

  4. Add Thai eggplant and Kaffir lime leaf into the boiling soup and make sure they're well mixed together then close the lid and let them boil for another 15-30 minutes

  5. Finally add sliced spur chilli and Thai basil leaf then Boom! your favorite Thai Snack Online green curry soup is now ready to be served!


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