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DIY Snacks | Taro Sticks

A menu for Taro lovers plus a little aroma of vanilla cream .. hmm .. Can't wait to share this easily healthy DIY Do-It-Yourself Thai snacks now. Gonna be Yum!

DIY Snacks | Thai Coconut Pancake


  • Taro : 1 root

  • Vegetable oil : 1 cup

  • Plain water : 1/3 cup

  • Sugar : 1/2 cup

  • Salt : 1/2 teaspoon

  • Vanilla : 1/2 teaspoon

Cooking steps

  1. Remove the taro's skin and slice into pieces of the same size. Fry the sliced taro pieces in a boiling vegetable oil with medium heat until they turn yellow then lift them up and put on a sieve until the oil is drained.

  2. Prepare the seasoning by mixing plain water, sugar, salt and vanilla on a pan with low heat and continue stirring for 5-10 minutes.

  3. Mix fried taro from step #1 with seasoning from step #2 until the taro is slightly coated with white color from sugar, salt and vanilla.

  4. Lift them all up then .. Boom! your favorite Thai Snack Online is now ready to be served :)

Veganic - Taro Chips Mediterranean Sea Salt

Veganic - Taro Chips Mediterranean Sea Salt

Try this out and you'll love it


  • All pieces of sliced taro should have similar size to ensure that they're well heated when fry

  • If you prefer both inside and outside of each taro stick to be well crisp then slice them into small pieces. Vice versa, if your prefer the crisp only outside but soft from the inside then you'd better slice into big pieces.

  • Turn off the heat in step #3 slightly after added the taro with seasoning to prevent burning out the texture. However, if the seasoning is not well coated with taro and turned white yet, you can turn on low heat again time-to-time to dry them out.


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