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DIY Snacks | Coconut Soft Roll

Some of you may have tried Coconut Crispy Roll before though you may have not know that there's also soft version of this delicious snacks which can be found on traditional street food in Thailand and YES, it's yummy ;P .. For those who has no plan to visit Thailand anytime soon, the good news is you can also Do-it-Yourself at home following below instructions so no time to waste. Let's enjoy!

DIY Snacks | Thai Coconut Pancake


  • Wheat flour : 1/4 cup

  • Tapioca flour : 1 cup

  • Palm sugar : 1/3 cup

  • Coconut milk : 150 grams

  • Salt : 1/4 teaspoon

  • Egg : 1 egg

  • Roasted black sesame : 1 tablespoon

  • Coconut meat : as much as you like

  • Pumpkin juice, Pandan juice or Butterfly pea juice (only for coloring)

Cooking steps

  1. Add coconut milk and palm sugar together in a bowl and stir until they're well blended.

  2. Add an egg into the bowl and continue stirring until they're all blended. Finish bowl #1.

  3. Begin with another separated bowl by adding tapioca flour and wheat flour together then mix them up into the same texture. Finish bowl #2.

  4. Pour the ingredients from bowl #1 into bowl #2 then slowly stir until they're all blended.

  5. Add roasted black sesame into bowl #2 then slightly stir until they're spread all over then leave them for 30 minutes.

  6. Pour finished bowl #2 into many separated cups then have fun adding Pumpkin juice, Pandan juice or Butterfly pea juice into each cup to make different colors as you like.

  7. Add coconut meat into each cup then all your ingredients are now mixed and ready for frying time!

  8. Slightly coated your pan with palm oil all over and use low heat to warm it up.

  9. Slowly pour you finished ingredients from step #7 on the pan like a thin pancake (no need to pour it all just a small circle piece) and add more coconut meat as you like.

  10. Leave it for 5-10 seconds then quickly flip it over for another 5-10 seconds.

  11. Pick it out from the pan then slowly roll it with chopsticks. ... Boom! the first masterpiece of your favorite Thai Snack Online is now ready to be served :)

Suthera - Thai Coconut Roll Original

Suthera - Thai Coconut Roll Original

Here comes the crispy version to be served to your doorstep


  • Don't burn it too long at step #10 or you'll get a choco version of it :)

  • I love coconut taste so I'd prefer adding more coconut meat when frying :P

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