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DIY Snacks | Crispy Mama

If you grew up in Thailand during the 90's like us, we're sure that you've tried this menu with your friends before at school. It's the easiest Thai Snack Online DIY the world has ever seen. Mix mix mix mix mix mix ... Boom! ready to serve :)

DIY Snacks | Crispy Mama


Cooking steps

  1. Squeeze Mama instant noodle in its pack into small pieces put it in a bowl to mix with its seasoning.

  2. Add every other ingredients into the same bowl ... and mix mix mix mix mix :D

  3. Boom! ... your favorite Thai Snack Online is ready to be served :)

Chao Sua - Rice Cracker Pork Floss

Mama - Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum

Easiest snack of all time :P


  • You can keep this mixed snacks in an air-lock container to preserve its crispiness for many many days ... Yum!

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