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TOP-TEN Thai Snacks | 2017

Hi Snackers! How's your yummy year? Today, we're summarizing the best of the best Thai snacks that has been voted by our Thai Snack Online fellows in 2017 across 55 countries in every corner of the world we've served! Keep smiling and your snacks will never be the same :)

Most Popular Thai Snacks | 2016

If you haven't tried Thai Snack Online before and don't know where to start? Try our subscription service here which you can fully customized your own snacking style to be delivered monthly and we'll handle the rest to get the finest selection for you ;P .. Still hesitating, huh? check out some testimonials and decide again, we're always here for you to serve :)

Top Snack No.10 - Tenjung Fish Stick [get it here] - A signature fish on a stick with its barbecue sauce so yummy. Oh ... :)

Entrée Crispy Pork

Top Snack No.9 - Chao Sua Crispy Pork [get it here] - Special for pork lover, this is exactly what you may be looking for! Made from 100% pork meat, pressed and baked with local seasoning which you can't stop once start.

Sugus chewy candy

Top Snack No.8 - Chao Sua Rice Cracker [get it here] - A Traditional Thai crackers made from Thai rice with various floss on top including pork, chicken, squid, thai chilli paste, seaweed and more. If there's one exotic Thai snack you gotta try, this is the one!

Mama Green Curry

Top Snack No.7 - Sarach Tamarind [get it here] - An extreme taste of spicy, sweet and sour of tamarind mixed as a candy that will make you stay awake for hours. Hmmm ..

Sunsnack Sunflower Kernel

Top Snack No.6 - Bento Squid [get it here] - Falling from no.1 snack in 2016 though Bento still has a very big fan base for this squiddy hotty sticky yummy snack pack. Who want some, raise your hand!

Lay's potato chip

Top Snack No.5 - Cornae [get it here] - Another legendary Thai snack made from corn starch which has been selling for more than 30 years and beloved by all Thai snackers.

Chao Sua Rice Crackers

Top Snack No.4 - Lotus Biscuits [get it here] - Chicken leg? Haha .. Try it yourself, you'll know :) Either Hot & Spicy or Korean BBQ flavour is good.


Top Snack No.3 - Tamarind House [get it here] - A very very rare crispy banana sandwich with tamarind jam and a surprising taste. Especially for fruit snack lovers with limited availability in our stocks. First come, first serve :)

Snack Jack

Top Snack No.2 - Taro Fish [get it here] - Hello seafood lovers! It's your turn and this is exactly the very kind of fish snack you're looking for. Rich with nutrition for each bite with very high protein from real fish meat Very well deserve to rise up as no.2 in our 2017 chart!


Top Snack No.1 - Lotus Biscuit Stick [get it here] - Not just another bread stick you've ever taste, huh? Mixed with its secret Thai seasoning and local herbs to become this mystery tasty snack that you may need to keep asking for more.


So that's for 2017. What's yours in 2018? Check them out in our online catalogue as we now serve every snacks right to your doorstep with free worldwide shipping no matter where you are. Keep Spice, Keep Snacking!

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