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DIY Snacks | Tamarind Candy

Tamarind is called in Thai as "Ma-Kham" in which "Kham" in Thai also means "Pride and Dignity". Hence, Thai people love to plant tamarind trees around the house which implies to drive all the enemies away by their pride and dignity. Tamarind candy is a Thai Snack Online made from tamarind meat after extracting its seed and mix with seasoning before wrapping each individual rounded one with a glossy paper. It's usual shelf life is 3-6 months depended on packing process and storage temperature.


  • Tamarind meat : 200 grams

  • Water : 1 1/2 cup

  • Salt : 2 teaspoons

  • Ground dried chilli : 2 teaspoons

  • Sugar : 500 grams

Cooking steps

  1. Soak tamarind meat in the water for 15 minutes. Remove all the seeds and others out but only its meat.

  2. Filter only ground soaked tamarind meat into the frying pan then add salt, chilli and sugar together. Continue to stir at low heat until they become stiff then put them on a plate to cool down at room temperature.

  3. Mold each individual piece into small rounded shape (soaked your hands with plain water will ease this process).

  4. Coated each piece with sugar and either wrap them with glossy paper, put them in a container or serve them in a wine glasses as you like.

  5. Boom! ... it's yummy time :)

Sarach - Tamarind Candy

Sarach - Tamarind Candy

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Watch outs!

  • Never use high level of heat when stirred as it can burn the sugar before becoming stiff.

  • After cool down in step 3, if the tamarind is still hard to be molded then you can repeat step 2 to make them more stiff.

  • It's recommended after coated each piece with sugar in step 4 to wait around 10 minutes so the moisture in tamarind meat can be blended with the sugar before being wrapped or served

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