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Smile Thailand Ep.4 | Hua Hin Must-GO places in 2017

When talking about Thailand beaches and tourist attractions, definitely "Hua Hin" is one of the Must-GO destination that may pop-up in your mind. Especially if you've haven't been to Hua Hin lately, here are 8 must-GO places in 2017 which you may have never visited before!

To ease your travel, we will start our journey from Suvarnabhumi international airport and drive for another 2.5 hours to these hidden treasure place. There are several stops for driver to refresh as well as foods and many more along the way to Hua Hin so keep enjoying along the way :) Moreover, there are several car rental providers at the airport though we highly recommend to reserve in advance especially during high season. Here's some car rental service we recommend with reasonable price:

Google Maps route from Suvarnabhumi airport to Huan Hin town center:

Okay, guess we have all the things we need now grab your bags. put on your sunglasses, turn on your GPS, click "view location" to get google directions and off we go!

Entrée - Crispy Fried Pork Rinds

Entrée - Crispy Fried Pork Rinds

Definite Thai noodle snacks

1. Camel Republic (view location)

Most likely the very first attraction you'll arrive on the way driving to Hua Hin. A combination of zoo and fun theme park in Morocco style for you to experience including rare animals like Camel, Alpaca, Angola goat and others. Try the "Eagle Zipline" which will fly you from the height of 30 meters all the way down like an eagle! and enjoy several shops and restaurants to fulfill your day.

Open hours : 10:00-18:00 hrs

Entrance fee : 120 THB for adults and 90 THB for kids (shorter than 100 cm)

2. Plern Wan (view location)

A time machine which will take you back to the classic era of Siamese people. The project was initiated under the concept "Play and Learn in old times" which simulates the commercial lifestyle of Siamese people in the old times back to life. The building inside contains over 40 restaurants, fashion outlets, cafe, classical records store and many more. Don't forget to bring along your camera. You will definitely need it a lot!

Open hours : 09:00-21:00 hrs

Entrance fee : Free

3. Bluport Resort Mall (view location)

A new landmark just opened in late 2016 which brings the beach experience into a lifestyle mall. The infrastructure was designed to include many world-class beach resorts all-in-one place includes Mediterranean life along Cannes beach, the sense of Como and the colors of sailors to be mixed with the international shopping experience. The building has been categorized into 3 main zones include Dining port with over 100 restaurants experience, Fashion and Lifestyle shopping port with over 1,00 brand names for you to choose and Whaley port as an interactive playground for kids with over 2,000 sq.m. of mapping projection technology that kids can enjoy the life under the sea,

Open hours : 10:30-24:00 hrs

Entrance fee : Free except Whaley port (kids only) cost 290 THB for the first hour then 180 THB each for the next hours

4. The Venezia (view location)

A new shopping complex under the sense of Venice from Italy to Thailand. Consists of many lifestyle outlets and simulated landmarks such as St. Mark Square and Bell Tower as the world's popular attractions. Centered with the Grand Canal with over 200 meters long across the area with real Gondola experience. Decorated with flowers and fountains along the way which brings the true Venice to you.

Open hours : 10:00-20:00 hrs

Entrance fee : 180 THB per entrance

5. Rajabhakti Park (view location)

The theme park was built by Royal Thai Army in order to honor the past great kings of Thailand from Sukhothai period to present on the property of 355 thousand sq.m. with approximate funds of $28 US millions donated by public and private sectors.

Open hours : 08:00-18:00 hrs

Entrance fee : Free

Rajabhakti Park

6. Cicada Market (view location)

An evening market which adapts from an old resort house in the garden under the concept "Open Mind & Open Mat". A community of freelances, inventors and artists which you can find many hand-made accessories, clothes, decorative and more especially for ones who seek unique things of your very own. There are also several art workshops, food outlets, small amphitheatre and open-hat entertainments that you can enjoy.

Open hours : Only Fri, Sat & Sun during 16:00-23:00 hrs

Entrance fee : Free

7. Vana Nava Water Park (view location)

Welcome to the largest water park in Thailand. Vana Nava was designed to combine water park and tropical jungle together on a 32 thousand sq.m. property surrounded by various plantations. The water park consists of various sliders more than 19 types including world's largest one a.k.a. Abyss which can soar up to 6 people together to a height of 28 meters down a huge funnel with the speed over 45 km. per hour!

Open hours : 10:00-18:00 hrs

Entrance fee : 1,000 THB for adults and 600 THB for kids (with height between 91-122 cm)

8. Samphannam Floating Market (view location)

Enjoy a floating market back through time under the reign of King Rama VI with the concept of white and red similar to original Hua Hin signature train station on a property over 160 thousand sq.m. and over 200 outlets including the floating boats. The area is naturally surrounded by mountains and rivers and there's an all-day entertainment show during each hour to keep you enjoy while dining.

Open hours : 09:00-20:00 hrs

Entrance fee : Free

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