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Thai Children's Day 2017 | 2nd Saturday of the year

It's well known to all Thai kids that every 2nd Saturday of the year is their BIG DAY OUT! Yes, it's an official date in Thailand as children's day which many places and attractions included restricted area such as grand palace or the government house will be opened for all kids to enter and explore.

Every year, the prime minister will give out slogan of the year for the kids and yet to be announced for 2017.

Slogan of 2016 "Good Kid, Good Learning, Good Future"

Thai Children's day was first established since 1955 (62 years ago) by cooperation with the United Nations to create awareness about the importance of how children will become the future of the nation. Not only for the parents but also for the kids to recognize how important they are while Thai government has the responsibility to coordinate with each community to organize this very special events. It is initially specified to be every 1st Monday of October before changed to 2nd Saturday of the year since 1965 until now.

Nestea - Lemon Tea

Jolly Bear - Jelly Assorted

Kid's favorite jolly of all time

And here's the list of popular places where you can take your children out especially on this Children's day:

  1. The Government House [see on map] - Opens only on Children's day for children to visit prime minister in person and take photo on prime minister's working chair at "Thai Koo Fa" building (real operating office).

  2. Thai Military at Sanam Pao [see on map] - Opens only on Children's day from 07:30-16:00 to experience the real military force including helicopter, tanks, armored vehicles, cannons, battle ships and more.

  3. Thai Red Cross Museum [see on map] - Opens from 08:30-15:30 with activities with games and lucky draws for kids

  4. Bangkok Planetarium [see on map] - Opens from 09:00-16:30 with all new series of planetarium simulation room controlled by Digital Star 5 technology from US and enjoy the national science museum with many fun activities awaiting.

  5. Museum Siam [see on map] - Opens from 10:00-17:00 to enjoy the adventure throughout the time since the age of stone until present! Dare to explore?

Moreover, it's very usual that all department stores and regular attractions will have special events especially for kids. So make sure you bring your little ones out to enjoy this happy day and don't forget, Keep Spice! Keep Snacking!

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