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Most Popular Thai Snacks | 2016

It's time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to the very happy new year of 2017. And here we are to sum up the most popular Thai snacks listed worldwide from Thai Snack Online!

Most Popular Thai Snacks | 2016

Thanks to each and every Thai Snackers all over the world. This year we've been sending over hundreds of happy authentic Thai snack box to many corners in each region with a very warm feedback to be remembered in our testimonials. We promise to continue searching for more tastes to be discovered and deliver to you with free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep in the many years forward. Also, check out our subscription box campaign which you can fully customized your own snacking style to be delivered monthly and your snacks will never be the same ;)

Popular Snack No.10 - Entrée [get it here] - A classic barbecue pork in a crispy thin texture. A slight salty taste that will make you forget every potato chips you've ever tasted.

Entrée Crispy Pork

Popular Snack No.9 - Sugus [get it here] - Chewy Chewy with assorted fruity jolly. It's the favorite candy of all time. Convenient with individual wrap. Suitable for bring along and don't forget to brush your teeth before bed :P

Sugus chewy candy

Popular Snack No.8 - Mama [get it here] - The best instant noodle ever in Thailand a.k.a. "Mama". With all-time favorite signatures such as Tom Yum Kung, Yentafo Mohfai and Green Curry which represents the original taste of Thai food as if you're having it in Thailand :)

Mama Green Curry

Popular Snack No.7 - Sunsnack [get it here] - Yeah! Unstoppable crispy chewing kernels. Very tasty with authentic Thai food flavours such as Larb and grilled prawns. Chew! Chew!

Sunsnack Sunflower Kernel

Popular Snack No.6 - Lay's [get it here] - A complete taste of potato chips new flavour which Lay's has introduced this year. "Miang Kam" or "Siamese traditional spice mixed" made to deliver a single bite solution. Only one word we could say "Yum!".

Lay's potato chip

Popular Snack No.5 - Chao Sua [get it here] - A very Traditional Thai snacks made from pork in various forms. Chao Sua becomes a very popular snack and souvenir from northeast of Thailand in a very short time. Try out their signature crispy pork and rice crackers yourself today.

Chao Sua Rice Crackers

Popular Snack No.4 - Kai Yang [get it here] - Light and crispy snack with its signature sweet and spicy dipping sauce in the same pack! A very unique snack which you won't find it elsewhere but here to be delivered right to your doorstep.


Popular Snack No.3 - Big Sheet [get it here] - A very convenient snack for seaweed lovers with a signature hot and spicy taste from Tao Kae Noi. Big Sheet comes with an individual pack fit for a single snap break. Available now with popular flavours included definite spicy, Tom-Yum-Kung, Cheese, Seafood and the Original.

Snack Jack

Popular Snack No.2 - Lotus [get it here] - Suitable for all snackers. With a crispy and intense sweet and salty flavour in every bite. It's an obvious no no doubt why our customers who have tastes it before will come back to order for more.


Popular Snack No.1 - Bento [get it here] - Amazing but yes. Definitely made for seafood snack lovers. A crispy squidy snack with a very extreme sweet and spicy taste that you will demand for more. Recommended for advanced snackers only!


And that's all the list we've got from 2016. What's coming in 2017 and what's yours? Let us know and remember .. Keep Spice, Keep Snacking!

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