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Smile Thailand Ep.3 | 1-Day Cycling in Ayutthaya with $10

The very recommended thing to do during winter (?) in Thailand is to go out in the sun and do activities! Yep, it's the only period most likely during December to January of every year where you can walk outside without heavily sweating. And today we're going to take you to cycling together with us from Bangkok right to Ayutthaya with only $10! Come Come.

Starting from Hua Lamphong train station in Bangkok by simply take any MRT (Bangkok subway line) near your hotel to "Hua Lamphong" station and take exit No.2. At the station, simply buy a ticket for any train to Ayutthaya railway station (almost every train from Bangkok station should pass by) which will cost around $1 per person per trip.

At Ayutthaya station, we'd recommend to take a boat to the other side of the river and rent a bicycle on the island as it's easier when returnin-g the bike at the end of the trip. Crossing the river should cost around 20 cents per person per trip and the bike rental fee should cost around $2 per person per day which requires you to return the bike within 6PM of the same day. You could ask the cycling map either from train station or the bike rental shop.

Time to roll! And the first destination we choose is Chaiwattanaram temple as it's the farthest one :) Come on, it's still early in the trip and you still have plenty of energy :) Only 7 km. from your starting point with the highlight up on the bridge (oh!).

And it's time we cycling back over the bridge again (oh! hey!). To our second destination, Lokayasutharam temple. You'll notice a big buddha as soon as you arrive.

Next, we'll rollover to Phra Si Sanphet temple as it's next to our previous destination and it's definitely impressive as much as they say.

Finally, our last destination as well as the highlight here is Phra Sri Mahathat temple. This could also be the first place you visit though we usually save the best for last :) Also, don't forget to try the river prawn which is the highlight menu of Ayutthaya province if you have time (this is optional as you won't be able to cover with $10 budget definitely).

Nestea - Lemon Tea

Nestea - Lemon Tea

It's refreshing and you'll need it

You can simply take a shuttle bus back to Bangkok after a long long cycling day to comfy your end of the day which should cost around $2 per person per trip. And here's the summary of total spending per person:

  • Train [Bangkok to Ayutthaya] $1.00

  • Boat $0.20

  • Bike $2.00

  • Lunch $4.00

  • Bus [Ayutthaya to Bangkok] $2.00

Well we hope you enjoy the trip and feel free to share us some pics. Happy snacking!

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