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Sour as Lemon

Do you know that most sour taste of Thai snacks come from lemon?

Well .. you may have heard many medical experts said "You should drink a glass of warm lemonade every morning". Why? .. because it can help you detox and lemon is a source of many nutritions such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B complex including pectin fiber which helps improve your immune system.

Only half slice of lemon mixed with warm water and a drop of fresh honey before breakfast around 30 minutes everyday will reduce your illness and make a fresh start of the day.

Moreover, lemonade can improve digestive system and stimulate liver to produce more bile to help you detox. Also, reduce flatulence and prevent constipation or diarrhea. Finally, it can help you lose your weight!

A glass of warm lemonade can help protect your skin with its vitamin C to prevent wrinkles and black spots as well as reduce free radical. Water and honey also helps improve your immune system, increase collagen for your skin and cure common cold. High potassium from lemon helps you have a better sleep, reduce stress and tension which will stabilize your blood pressure.

Mama Cup - Shrimp Tom Yum

Mama Cup - Shrimp Tom Yum Sour taste of Tom Yum also comes from lemon

Last but not least, lemonade can help your breath from the acid of lemon mixed with honey and water. It will stimulate more saliva to kill more bacteria which is the source of smell. Lemonade also removes those white covers on your tongue, reduce sore-throat and prevent infection of tonsil. So ... would you like a glass of warm lemonade today?

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