"Sawasdee" (or "Hello" in Thai) is a common greeting which hold us together. In Thailand, we believe that everyone is connected hence we called every strangers as similar as our own brothers and sisters. We hope Sawasdee box can also share you the same treats we have in our family with 4-6 FULL size snacks plus one additional premium including limited flavours which are not appearing in our store. Exclusive offer only from Thai Snack Online with free customizable taste and absolutely free standard shipping right to your doorstep. Order now and let us bring the warmth smile of Thailand back to you once again :)

Sawasdee monthly

SKU: 990102
Price Options
Sawasdee Box
$35.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • Inside the Box

    • Definite 4-6 FULL size snacks
    • Guarantee preferred snacks included
    • Free 1 additional PREMIUM snack
    • Free standard worldwide shipping

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