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When foreigners try Thai desserts | The Joi

Credit to The Joi introducing our foreigner friends from around the world to try traditional Thai desserts for the very first time. Find out more Thailand snacks today at including some of these Traditional Thai category together with free worldwide shipping right to your home. Try it now and your snacks will never be the same ;P

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And here are traditional Thai desserts just for you :)

  • Foii-Thong: It's made from egg and sugar stirred together. The taste is not too sweet, quite perfect. You can also eat it with something else to make it sweeter. (score 9/10)

  • Kanom-Chan: It's flavored with Pandanus. Good texture, nice flavor, just not too heavy like any other desserts. A bit jelly though if added some coconut flakes with white sugar on top should be perfect. (score 11/10)

  • Roti Sai Mai: Taste like spring roll but really sweet. At first, you'll taste like a light hair then it's like the roti will come to mix and soften so it's very nice. (score 10/10)

  • Khanom Buang: Normally it's very sweet but this one is exactly right and I like it. The overall texture is good. (score 10/10)

  • Khanom Sai Sai: "Khanom" means "Snack" in Thai. It's not super sweet and very mild. You should eat it all in one bite. At first, it may feel a bit strange like eating many things altogether but the coconut center is giving some crispy sweet so finally it's boom, I love it! (score 9/10)

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