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Trying Thailand's quirkiest snacks | Jolly

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

We're with Josh, Ollie and a very special guest "View". View is a Thai Youtuber who brought us some Thai snacks to try today :P Some of them are really famous in Thailand and some of them are really famous for foreigners. Especially some that View will never ever eat it no matter what??? Try these Thai snacks at home by yourself at as we provide free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep so you can just sit back and wait to be served! Well, it's always better to be tasted than to be heard.

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I'm getting genuinely worrying now .. well .. let's find out!

  • Lay's (sweet basil): Basil is a herb which normally cooked with pork and eat with rice. A very common Thai dish. It's a little spicy but wow .. a really strange flavour. Kind of herbal, but it's also spicy like an onion. Like a raw onion.

  • Manora (fried shrimp chips): The smell of the sea is so strong. Very shrimpy than real shrimp. You can have it solo or have it with chilli paste on each cracker. It's the same chilli paste to make Tom Yu Kung. The taste is super good!

  • Pretz (larb): Inspired by another Thai dish made from pork or chicken with chilli flavor. The smell is strong but the taste is incredible. It's got almost caramelized aftertaste and it's salty.

  • Bento (sweet and spicy): This is really famous for Korean when come to Thailand. And that is SPICY! Wow, holy moly! Your face has gone red, Ollie! But the taste is really good though.

    • Milk tablet: The texture looks like an astronaut food. Just simply eat it and don't need to pre-mix with water or others. It looks like a drug but it's not a drug. Taste like a powder butter. Not a thing that you've ever tasted before. It's a powdered milk.

    • Mama (instant noodle pork flavor): Sometimes you eat it raw, yeah! Simply put all the seasonings inside the pack then shake it, shake it. Boom! you'll get something like a snack noodle. It taste unhealthy but in an amazing way.

    • Crispy Silkworms: This is another level of pre-packaged silkworm snacks. The smell is really intense. Flavoring with salts and seasonings. It do melts in the mouth.

Quote of the day "It's a super Thai flavour" said View

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