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trying THAI snacks from Thai Mart | SPEISHI

Hi! Peishi is back with another trying video. Today, she got a lot of Thai snacks and she's going to eat them right now. You can also try these snacks at home just visit and you'll find tons of authentic Thailand snacks ready to be shipped worldwide to your doorstep. Don't miss it!

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So let's quickly move it on ..

  • Satay Fish Snack: These are like fishy cutter fish things. It's like a childhood snack, the one steak one sticks but crispy version. The thing about eating this is people who are not eating it think it's very smelly so you have to join the and eat it then you'll find the smell is very good :)

  • Vitamilk: A soybean milk, very popular drink from childhood.

  • Little Farm (garlic crispy bread): The garlic bread is really really lovely. Garlic bread in Bangkok normally sells as handmade one as street food but this brand is apparently a lot of friends love it. When you open the package, the garlic smell is like .. Pah! It's the kind of snack that once you sit there then you can finish everything.

  • Kaiyang (chicken crispy snack): There's a chicken looking thing and a tub of sauce apparently on a package. The chip shape looks like a potato wheel but in a shape of a chicken. Smells like a barbecue flavor. The sauce is a sweet chilli where you can dunk the chips in the sauce. It is super savory and sweet and actually a little bit sour also. It's super nice because the chip itself is already very savory and fragrant. Isn't it crazy like the chip itself is alreayd very nice then they want to upgrade it and add some sauce for you. Super strong in flavors.

  • Carada Nuggets (sesame seaweed): The texture is like Cornpuff, a sweet corn snack that is very famous and everybody loves it. The taste is super strong and it feels like Cornpuff but the difference is outside coating is crispy. So when you bite into it, it's like CRISPS! Salty and sweet. OMG!

  • Tenjung (fish stick): It's like one steak one stick. The red package is a very spicy one so this orange one is original and it's nice. Before you buy this, you need to know that it's a little bit hard to chew so if your jaw is not that good then may be this is not for you.

  • FF chips (tomato and paprika): Obviously a childhood snacks. The texture is like Kaiyang chicken snack. In Singapore, there's also chicken flavored chips that looks like this one but this is more seasoned. The tomato one tastes like twisty tomato flavor seasoning.

  • Pompui (stir fried spicy baby clams): The smell is quite fishy. It's quite spicy, actually very very spicy. The taste is not very amazing and a bit fishy and too spicy :)

  • Seafood Dipping Sauce: Taste like lemon with very strong lime taste. Probably they grind the whole lime in or something.

Quote of the day "Thai snacks are really amazing, super flavorful and savory" said Peishi

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