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Traditional Thai Flavored Snacks | Candid

Hi Guys! We're back for another tasting video and it's gonna be on Thai flavored snacks. We've assortment of Thai snacks today that you can also try by yourself at home. Visit Thai Snack Online today as we have more than 500 varieties of Thai snacks that can be shipped worldwide to be served at your doorstep. Hassle free with guaranteed successful delivery for every box! Order now and your snacks will never be the same.

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I don't know what we're trying to day but I'm actually hungry, so let's get started:

  • Pretz bread sticks (thai chilli paste) : The featured chilli paste was actually presented in thhe market since 1959 and it's very popular among Thai people. The flavour of the paste is already mixed with the sticks. The sweetness is quite nice but it doesn't really give much of a chilli paste. A bit spice with some garlic and onion as well. I LOVE IT!

  • Pretz bread sticks (sweet chilli paste) : The taste is definitely like sweet chilli sauce. Probably more represented of the flavour than the thai chilli paste one. It has a little bit of garlic aroma aftertaste. Very garlic.

  • Tasto potato chips (crab curry) : The curry is very delicate, not so strong. Also, the crab taste is very light but they're good overall. There's also a sweet taste at the end.

  • Tasto potato chips (fishy 3 spices) : Not much taste of the fish at all but there's a bit of sour taste in the end. There's also some lime taste and quite a bit of sweet chilli. Overall is not much different from normal chips though. Almost no spicy but the chip texture is perfectly cut and crunchy.

Quote of the day "Please bring this back the next time you come from Thailand!" said Felipe

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