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Thai Tea Unboxing | Meghan Grace

Welcome to Meghan's review and unboxing to make your life easier. Today, we're doing an unboxing of Thai Snack Online subscription box including Thai tea. The package comes all the way from Thailand so it's definitely an authentic Thai tea. You can tastes them all today at home, just simply check out as we ship every boxes of instant drinks right to your doorstep, worldwide! Including some Thai snacks and candies in the box with no regret as we promise to deliver every Taste of Thailand with smile and friendship :)

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The box also includes some few other drinks such as:

  • Nesvita instant cereal beverage powder original flavor packet [order now]: You need to brew it in a hot water first then you can make it cold if you like with some ice cubes. It looks like milk tea. There are 6 packets inside. The ingredients include dairy products, coffee creamer and skim milk powder. There's kind like wheat floating on top and it does smell like cereal. The taste is fine. It's sweet and milky.

  • Khao Shong espresso packet [order now]: It would, be super easy on the go. You can just mix with hot water following instructions on the back all in English language. Ad 120 milliliters of hot water to one stick of Espresso packet, stir and enjoy your coffee.

  • Chatramue instant lemon tea [order now]: With larger packet provides more than one serving. Put into a cup of 200 milliliters of hot water and stir. You can also make it cold if you want or add ice to make it cold. It smells super good just like lemon and the flavor is super super strong. It contains black tea, sugar, and a lime powder. The taste is so good and I will definitely drink a lot of this. There are 5 packs inside.

  • X.O. lemon ice tea candy [order now]: I love Asian candies and this looks really good. It tastes just like lemon ice tea. It's really good.

  • Hotta 100% pure ginger with naturally sugar free instant drinks [order now]: It's a hot tea in a sachet that you would dip into a cup and pour water over which is quite pretty popular. This one is ideal for everyday healthy lifestyle. There are 5 packs inside. I visited my sister recently and we had drink ginger tea a couple of times and it was super good. I didn't realize it was such a delicious tea to try back then. This instant ginger is an easy way to drink ginger tea which you can add lemon to it if you want which is how I drink ginger tea with my sister. She used to make it from raw ginger and add a lemon into it which is so good. It's a pretty delicious ginger tea with a bit spicy of ginger flavor like an acquired taste if you like. Very delicious in my opinion.

  • Chatramue original Thai tea [order now]: Red tea powder with Vanilla flavor with a number of sachets in a container. It is full of tea packets that can mix with 300 milliliters of water for each sachet. It's a pure red tea and not really sweet. Just taste like original Thai tea which you can add milk and stuff and it'll taste like normal Thai tea tasting.

Quote of the day "Just like lemon and the flavor is super super strong." said Meghan


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