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Thai Snacks Taste Test | Trap BISTRO TV

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Kevin has got special guests in the house today. A warm welcome to Cindy and Jane who brought us some snacks from Thailand which we're going to see how these snacks with so many different flavours are. Again, you can try out these Thailand snacks by yourself at home. Visit now with free worldwide delivery for any spending above $25. Check it out and your snacks will never be the same!

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Okay, let's get started:

  • Lay's chips (green curry) : The look is like a regular Lay's. You can smell the spice and the lemongrass. It tastes really good with kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass and curry. Very similar to instant noodle with green curry seasoning.

  • Lay's chips (nori seaweed) : You can see a little nori seaweed all over it. The sweet and savory are well mixed together. You can also definitely taste the seaweed just like the dried seaweed snacks.

  • Tasto chips (salted egg) : It tastes really good with the taste of egg really like a boiled egg. Somehow, Jane also tastes it like a pork rinds as it has some fried taste. Definitely gonna buy it again.

  • Cornae chips (corn) : It tastes like corn snacks as it said on the pacakge. Come with a bit flavour like ramen.

  • Crispy Fish Skin : Made from real fish skin obviously. It's really spicy, very fishy and very crispy. Definitely good for seafood lovers if you are one of that type.

  • Banana candy : Made from banana in the form of toffee. You can taste a lot of roasted bananas. Though it's not very sweet. Quite chewy and sticky all over your teeth. It's soft but not overwhelming sweet or so.

Quote of the day "Actually, I'm going to need more" said Cindy

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Aug 12, 2020

Awesome, guys!

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