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Thai Noodles Advent Calendar | Candid

Welcome back, guys! Unfortunately, there's no big celebration gathering this year because of the situation but we can still have some fun. An "Advent calendar" is something like bunch of socks with numbers from one to twenty-four because "Advent" is usually the time from December up to Christmas eve. There can be sweets in advent packages or small toys.

Today, we got a MAMA advent calendar. You can see numbers from 1 to 24 without an order. You can also find these flavours and taste them yourself via our online store. All Thai Snack Online and Instant Noodles are now shipping worldwide via your online order no matter where you are. Check out our testimonials and reviews for more info and rest assure that your snacks will never be the same :)

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There are total 7 flavour of Mama so let's see what's inside:

  1. Mama (minced pork): This is a very common flavour we all know what it tastes like. So don't miss this basic flavour.

  2. Mama (shrimp tom yum): A famous tom yum soup you know but not a creamy version.

  3. Mama (chicken): An unusual flavour we don't have in Thailand. No comment though.

  4. Mama (rice noodle with chicken): Another uncommon flavour in Thai though but rice noodle with chicken is also popular in Thailand. It smells really strong. The soup is like beef broth.

  5. Mama (vegetable): I don't like the veggie :P

  6. Mama (stewed beef): That sounds good!

  7. Mama (palo duck): That looks good, too :)

Quote of the day "The noodle texture is good" said Ice

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