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Tasting Thai snacks pt.2 | IreviewUread

So now that we're enlightened from pt.1, let's continue to grasp another snacks. Just remember, you can also try all of these snacks too at Thai Snack Online with our exclusively free worldwide shipping to serve every snack box right to your doorstep. You can find a large variety of oriental snacks, food and drinks as if you're travelling here as we deliver every taste of Thailand with smile and friendship :)

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Here comes our next snack!

  • Ole Super Sour Candy (lime & strawberry): Outside is super sour coated with right in the middle a sour vitamin C. It's a strawberry and lime candy comes in a handy pack with 7 individual wraps inside. Oh! the moment you put it inside your mouth you can feel the first coated which is sour then it gets better after it shocks you. Later you can taste the strawberry flavor a bit. It's kind of like HIT you first then you rest over then later HIT you again! The more you suck the sweet, the more you can feel the vitamin C leaking out. If you like strawberry and sour candy, this is definitely for you.

  • Oriental Kitchen Noodle (salted egg): Another offering from Mama, a famous Thailand instant noodle brand, with a stir-fried salted egg flavor. A dried instant noodle.

  • Nissin Noodle (tomyum shrimp creamy soup): It's tom-yum-goong! A soup instant noodle. It does really taste like tom yum and then you can taste like the sweet little taste of the lime. You know, tom yum is that kind of sour and not fully spicy so mostly you taste the tom yum first then after you absorb it into your mouth, you'll taste the spicy kick. And that is what a good tom yum goong is! You can also smell kind of shrimp paste smell.

  • Love Farm Dried Honey Lemon: Personally, I love honey lemon as I always love honey lemon sweet and drinks. Very cute packaging. They're definitely lemon slices. The moment you open it, you'll get a honey lemon smell that is like a lemon coated in honey. If you like dried food, you'll definitely love this. This is perfect for those people with motion sickness. This is one of those things that you eat on the bus or when you are in a long hour trip. Trust me, I have motion sickness and I tried these before. I love this! It's a great snack and a life saver and I'm quite sure that my mother will love this too.

  • Koh Kae Nuts (sriracha sauce coated green peas): Koh Kae is one of the famous companies in Thailand that offer various kinds of peas and nuts. Personally, I don't really eat spicy food and I don't really like green peas. It smells spicy and definitely taste spicy. It's kind like a needle poking your tongue kind of spicy and it does taste like sriracha chilli sauce. It's more tender to people who like spicy food. It's very savory and flavorful covered with chilli, you know :)

  • Sunsnack Sunflower Seeds (barbecue): You can smell like a barbecue potato chips when open. The moment you crunch down on it, it is essentially interesting considered that normally when you eat barbecue then it' around potato chips kind of thing. Sunflower seeds are very unique. This will entice people who loves barbecue flavored food.

  • Taro Cuttlefish Snack (barbecue): It's texture is like a bubblegum now comes in a roll. There's a packet in a packet with inside instructions on how to eat it by just open the packet a bit to slowly pull out the rolled snack. Easy to bite. It taste like those cuttlefish in a shape but now put it in a row. Very unique design and you can slowly eat this in class instead of the whole sheet at once. It's savory and it tastes just like those cuttlefish. It's also Halal.

  • Khao Shong Coffee (mixed five flavors): Containing superrich coffee, espresso, cappucino, mocha and condensed milk (?) flavors. It's instant coffee.

  • Sarach Tamarind Candy (original): Tamarind is a seed grown on a tree which you'll find them in Asia. This one is ready to eat and suitable for every occasion. There's not much smell of it which reminds me of sour plum. It's sweet and soft and a little spicy.

Quote of the day "I'm quite sure that my mother will love this too" said Shi Hui


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