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Suthera Thai Coconut Rolls Original | Unpack Snack

Have you ever tried a coconut made into crispy crisps snacks with mildy scent of its milk melt in your mouth? An original Traditional Thai snacks so called "Thong Muan" means a rolling gold is now available in a modern package ready to be shipped globally to you at our store. A Thai Snack Online recommended crisps you cannot miss at all.

สุธีรา ทองม้วนกรอบรสต้นตำรับ (70 กรัม) A crispy Traiditional Thai snacks roll originated from coconut cream itself mixed with rice, eggs and taros. Interesting, huh? An unstoppable Thai Snack Online favorites to try and your snacks will never be the same now available as family pack for you and your love ones to enjoy together ^^. No MSG. No Preservative. Resealable Package.

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