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Smile Thailand Ep.18 | Safari World

Not just another ordinary zoo you've been to. For those who are dreaming of a big wild adventure in Africa desert or going for a trial in Amazon jungle plus extravaganza shows from the locals, this is the answer that you're looking for in one place "Safari World".

Siam Park - Sea of Bangkok

There are 2 main zones in Safari World which are Safari Park, an open zoo where you can drive into the real wild area among the beasts and Marine Park, a traditional zoo where you can enjoy walking casually along with food, cafes and parades to make your day.

Let's start with Safari Park. An 80-acre wildlife community with driving distance over 8 kilometers that you can drive in by your own vehicle (with your windows strictly close and do not leave your vehicle at all time) or renting safari's coach (additional rental charge applied). There are over 1,000 wild animals living in this area including zebras, rhinos, giraffes, deer, lions, tigers, bears, birds, and much more various species you can ever imagine.

The highlight at Safari Park is definitely animal feeding show for lions and tigers at 10.00AM of everyday. Don't worry, all safari's staff are well trained with full safeguards so everything is under control :)

After an hour enjoying in the Safari trip, we're now moving to the next zone called "Marine Park". Another 100-acre casual zoo with 7 world class shows including Dolphin dancing, Elephant artists, Sea lions, Boxing orangutans and the famous spy war. Starring all your favorite animals specially trained along with many special effects just for you.

The highlights in this zone consist of Mini world where you can feed and selfie with hundred of birds all over you and stop by The Macaw land featuring 250 real macaws and The Parrot lane starring Golden conures and Double yellow-headed amazons.

Visiting Giraffe terrace is another spot you cannot miss. This is where you can feed 200 giraffes up-close and selfie in person. The Primate world where several monkey species are gathered around including Mandrill, Red-shanked douc langur, Abyssinian black-and-white colobus and the lemurs. You can also find the world's rarest animals such as White lions at white world zone and African's manatee at manatee aquarium only here at Safari world.

The last special zone is River safari where you go on a personal boat through amazon river jungle full of dangers and adventures await for you to discover (additional admission fee applies).

Safari world is locating at outer area of Bangkok (see on google maps) normal operating hours is 09.00-17.00. Entrance fee for both Safari park and Marine park ranges from 500-800 THB per person (for more info, visit

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