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Salted Egg Potato Chips from Thailand | ChunnTV

Welcome back, friend! I've got a little something different kind of weird chips. This is from Thailand under Lay's branding with the picture of egg yolk over the chips. Yes, a salted egg flavored chips! Wanna try, yeah? They're now selling at where you can get free worldwide shipping to deliver at your doorstep. So be quick and try it now or never :P

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Let's see what we've got:

  • Ingredients: Potato chips, garlic, onion and egg yolk powder

  • Smell: The aroma strongly hits your face when open. You can smell the eggs, a lot. Well, the smell is really good and quite a mouth watering.

  • Texture: It's pretty color with slight red and orange shade. Texture is great!

  • Taste: Curiously, there's sugar and so it's kind of sweet and pretty eggy. It creates a pretty strong aroma of egg in your mouth. You can get the garlic and onion too. It's like 90% egg and 10% barbecue with a hint of sweetness and not really smokiness. A very intense flavor indeed. Not quite too salty.

Quote of the day "The smell is quite appetizing" said Chunn

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