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My friends are trying Thai snacks | Itskaekan

Sawasdee ka :) Today, Kae is inviting her foreign friends (featuring Rosa from Netherlands, Federike & Lena from Germany and Dana from Switzerland) to try Thai snacks and we'll see if they're gonna like it, or not. Of course, you can try these snacks yourself with reasonable price and ship directly from Thailand to your country. Check out as we now offer free worldwide shipping with hundreds of selections for you. Enjoy :)

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Okay, I think we're gonna start with this one :P

  • Paprika (potato chips): The smell is good. Taste good just like paprika chips in Europe which is quite a common snack but not really in Asia.

  • Bento squid snack (sweet and spicy flavor): It's a baked seafood and spicy, of course. It's super hottttt! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I need that milk.

  • Alour (traditional thai dessert): The taste is not really that sweet as it looks though

  • Euro puff cake (pandan and strawberry flavors): Pandan taste is not that bad though strawberry seems better. It's not bad at all, I like it.

  • Hanami (prawn crackers): The taste is excellent though the smell is not that pleasant. So the slogan of the snacks "A cracker enjoyable with friends".

  • Coconut crispy roll (original flavor): The texture is very crisps. This is very good with coffee in the morning. You can also have it with ice cream and whip cream too.

  • Chewy candy (durian flavor): Durian is a Thai fruit with very strong smell. It's not really good but also not really bad. Warning! recommend only for durian lovers.

  • FF chips (tomato flavor): The taste is really good. Really like that. Thumbs up!

  • Sianghai wafers (strawberry flavor): It's yummy especially when you put them in the fridge.

  • Manora (shrimp chips): The taste is not bad but FF chips just simply taste better.

Quote of the day "This is good with coffee in the morning" said Kae

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