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Lay's Thai flavors and more | Ploy and Brandon

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening :) It's gonna be taste test today but this ain't no regular taste. Have you ever seen these Lay's Thai chips before? Of course, you can now taste these flavor no matter where you are. Check out as we now provide free worldwide delivery from Thailand right to your doorstep. Don't miss it ..

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Okay, here's the rule. Brandon is gonna close his eyes and Ploy is gonna feed him the chips then it's guessing time. Let's go!

  • Lay's (mala barbecue): It's spicy and smoky like a barbecue. The taste is definitely barbecue pork. Very spicy with a meaty taste like pork though almost similar to shrimps. Mala is actually a mixed of Chinese and Thai mixed flavor.

  • Lay's (salted egg): The egg flavor is too strong.

  • Lay's (shrimp seafood): There's a taste of shrimp and its seafood sauce. Spicy and sweet. Seafood sauce is quite better than the shrimp one.

  • Lay's (thai basil): You'll get the aroma of basil obviously once opened. The smell is so strong that you can taste it right away.

  • Lay's (miangkam): It's the five of five flavors in one. Smells seafood, spicy and salty all the same. Also made from dried shrimp. Miangkam is a Traditional Thai food which you use leaf as a base and then put all the ingredients inside topping with special sauce then you eat the whole thing right away. So it's like a flavor BOMB. So sweet then everything's come out.

  • Potae (potato): Texture is cool. It's like when you eat doritos and you can't stop. It's the lace standard potato chips but the texture is smoother and when you eat it, it dissolves and taste like a bit of flours and melt in your mouth.

  • Paprika (potato): The texture is like bugles, the ones you put on your fingers. The peppery flavor is not that strong but then the texture is so smooth that it dissolves in your mouth.

  • Fashion Food (tomato): The smell is like tomato sauce. The texture is so smooth and interesting. It tastes exactly like tomato without any other flavor. It's just TOMATO, TOMATO and TOMATO! Of course, it's sweet and I love it.

Quote of the day "It's like a flavor explosion" said Brandon

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